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1. NTIA and RUS have developed a tool to match potential applicants:

2. State Self-Registry page

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In the interest of promoting collaboration on Illinois-based ARRA broadband projects, the State is hosting this "Self-Registry" page at for individuals or organizations with technical, business, community development and other related expertise to share their profiles and invite cooperation.

If you'd like to make the Illinois broadband community aware of your interest in ARRA partnerships, please send an email message -- with SELF-REGISTRY in the subject line -- to

In your email message to , attach a one- or two-page document, formatted as you see fit, with all of the information that you would like shared on this page. Your attachment will be available here for anyone who wishes to download it.


Illinois broadband Consultants (PDF)



BTOP and BIP applicants seeking a licensed Professional Engineer can contact the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers for assistance.

Kim Robinson, Executive Director
Illinois Society of Professional Engineers
217-544-7424 --

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