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Media & Marketing 

Featured Articles

  1. Article number 1 - Professional graphic design, layout, and production
  2. Article number 2 - One stop for ALL your media needs
  3. Article number 3 - Radio news stories, interviews and commercials available to you
  4. Article number 4 - Daily newsclip and press release distribution M-F
  •  Graphic DesignerProfessional graphic design, layout, and production

    Professional graphic design + a low cost guarantee = IOCI Design & Publications. The wide range of services offered include media ad buying, hand illustrations, computer design, translations, banners, brochures, advertisements, websites and reports.

    We look forward to working with you!
  •  Video ServicesOne stop for ALL your media needs

    From basic training and informational programs on interactive DVD, YouTube and the web, to press conferences, public service announcements, commercials, talk shows, satellite uplinks, live shot interviews in studio and remote locations via satellite and more - budget conscious and free consultations are available for all agencies.

    See what we can create for YOU!
  •  Radio ServicesRadio news stories, interviews and commercials available to you

    Our radio services include production and distribution of news stories, public service announcements, radio commercials and voiceovers to hundreds of Illinois radio stations, including foreign language stations.

    Check out our services on Radio page!
  •  News ServicesDaily newsclip and press release distribution M-F

    Do you want to know what newspapers are reporting about Illinois state agencies? We produce daily newsclips of state government and agency print articles from throughout Illinois and distribute press releases for state agencies, boards and commissions.

    We bring you the news!

The Illinois Office of Communication and Information (IOCI) offers an integrated suite of communications services to agencies of state government and the public. We provide media relations, public education and news services to advance our mission of transparent, effective and accurate government communications. 

Whether it’s a full service public education and advertising campaign or a single website, brochure or video, IOCI provides top-quality, cost-effective strategies, production, materials and implementation to our client agencies.