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Deferred Compensation Plan Forms and Newsletters 


Deferred Compensation Forms

Download any Deferred Compensation form now using Acrobat Reader. These forms allow data to be typed into the form and saved.

Enrollment Form [PDF, 8k]

Use the Enrollment Form to enroll or re-enroll in the Deferred Compensation Plan.

Beneficiary Form [PDF, 8k]

Use this form to designate your primary and contingent beneficiaries of your Deferred Compensation account.

Change Form [PDF, 10k]

Use this form to change your deferral amount, work or home address, or name. You can also use this form to document a transfer to a new agency or to revoke your deferrals.

Catch-up Application [PDF, 7k]

This form contains the application to initiate the process.

Permissive Service Credit Authorization [PDF, 10k]

This form is used to purchase service time from the State Retirement System or one of their reciprocal retirement systems in Illinois using money from your Deferred Compensation account.

Form for Direct Rollover into Illinois Plan [PDF, 131k]

This form is used to rollover another retirement account into the Illinois Deferred Compensation Plan.

Deferred Compensation Newsletter

Download the Deferred Compensation newsletter now using Acrobat Reader.


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