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  3. Agency Bicycling Initiatives

Agency Bicycling Initiatives 


Given that sustainable, non-motorized transportation alternatives are a priority of the Governor's Office, there is a broad-based effort across State government to advance bicycling in Illinois. The information below gives you a sense of the efforts unfolding across various State agencies.

Statewide Bikeway Councils

  • As dictated under the "Illinois Bikeway Act" (605 ILCS 30), the Secretary of Transportation serves as chair of Illinois' Inter-Agency Bikeway Coordinating Working Group (IBCWG). The group meets quarterly and focuses on non-motorized issues such as Transportation Alternatives funding, State Bikeway Plan development and Complete Streets implementation.
  • The Illinois Department of Natural Resources convenes an Illinois Greenways and Trails Council. The Council helps develop Illinois’ Recreational Trails Program priorities, grant project eligibility criteria, and grant project evaluation criteria
  • The Illinois Department of Natural Resources also convenes a Grand Illinois Trail Executive Council with representatives from State and local government as well as public advocacy organizations.

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)       


  • Illinois Department of Transportation's Office of Planning and Programming houses all non-motorized transportation plans. The Office is currently in the process of developing a State Bikeway Plan with the support of Alta Planning + Design and their team of subcontractors. The plan will become a component of the Department's Long Range State Transportation Plan which was released in December 31, 2012.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)



Illinois Secretary of State (ILSOS)    

  • The Illinois Secretary of State's Office publishes a Bicycle Rules of the Road booklet featuring general rules for all bicyclists.
  • ILSOS also participates in the “Illinoisans Share the Road” Campaign by offering special Share the Road license plates. All moneys in the Share the Road Fund shall be paid in grants to the League of Illinois Bicyclists, a not-for-profit organization, for educational programs instructing bicyclists and motorists how to legally and more safely share the roadways.

Illinois State Police (ISP)    


  • The Illinois State Police is responsible for enforcing many of the rules of the road delineated in the Illinois Vehicle Code: Chapter 11 (Rules of the Road). The specific provisions related to bicycling can be found in Article 15 (Bicycling) and Article 7-03 (Overtaking a vehicle on the left).
  • The Illinois State Police publishes a Safety is No Joke coloring booklet for kids on all aspects of safety, including bicycle and pedestrian safety. ISP also publishes a Bicycle Safety Brochurefocusing on bicycle laws and safety techniques in Illinois.

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)  


  • The Illinois Department of Public Health publishes a Summer Survival Guide which includes a section providing bicycle safety information.