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October 20 2011 Minutes 

Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Chicago Location: James R. Thompson Center, Suite 14-300

Springfield Location: Illinois State Board of Education, 3rd Floor


Roll Call

Members present in Chicago

Denise Avant
Patti Gregory-Chang
Anne Irving (on behalf of Jeff Bigelow)
Shelle Hamer
Ray Campbell
Becki Streit
Julie Smith
Sarah Myerscough-Mueller
Jessica Bruskin

Members present in Springfield

Cynthia Riseman
Diamond Ross
Marybeth Lauderdale
Kris Smith
Tina Childress
Todd Williams
Randy Shearburn
Fara Harper
Elizabeth Gastelum
John Little
Marjorie Olson
Dan Thompson
John Miller
Marcia Breese
Janice Thompson
Janet Lambert
Howard Thompson
Tim Imler
Nicole Wills
Jane Breen

Members present on the phone

Representative Jim Watson
Margaret Vaughn
Carrie Ramsden


Meeting materials include: minutes from 9/8/11 meeting, meeting agenda, working group directory and subgroup lists

Housekeeping Issues

  • Adding membership to the group – Please contact Jessica Bruskin or Diamond Ross
  • Request made by members for the timely distribution of accessible materials
    • i.e. get rid of tables/columns
  • Website available:
  • Open Meetings Act(OMA)
    • Available online for those who cannot travel
    • Only a few members need to sign up
    • Sign-up sheet was circulated in Springfield
    • Contact Elizabeth Gastelum if you are interested
  • Subgroups
    • Yes, it is possible to participate in more than one subgroup
    • Please contact Jessica Bruskin or Diamond Ross to sign up for a subgroup
    • Outline of requirements of OMA
    • Large group will still meet, subgroups will meet via conference call


  • Working group directory distribute
  • Please contact Diamond Ross or Jessica Bruskin if you would like to include your photo and bio


  • Each subgroup should:
    • Prepare purpose statement and goals
    • Organize calls and meetings
    • Moderate/facilitate discussion
    • Report findings/results to Gov. Office staff
    • Let Gov. Office staff know if any assistance is needed
  • Topic Areas
    • Budget
    • Governance
    • Education/Outcomes
    • Family Support

Educational Outcomes and Achievements

  • Special education placement site
  • IEP assigned to each child
    • Documentation
    • Measured quarterly
    • Both schools accredited
    • Standardized testing
  • ISD
    • Stanford Achievement Test
    • Aligned with Illinois Common Core Standards
  • ISVI
    • Terra Nova
    • Similar to regular schools
    • Test and homework assigned regularly
    • Regular curriculum
    • Life skills
  • How are students tracked?
  • What kind of progress is made after 12th grade?
  • Vocation and Rehabilitation Program
    • Case linkage
    • Accessible to anyone with a disability
  • State school vs. home school?

Family Support

  • How are families doing right now in Illinois? ISVI/ISD
    • Those in program are being supported regularly
    • The issue is with those in rural setting, parents/ family not getting support
    • Isolation in rural areas
  • Parent education is important
  • Parents Choice Law in State of Illinois
  • Non-English speaking parents
  • Focus on statewide, not just ISVI/ISD
    • Models should be shared with isolated students not in ISVI/ISD
  • Access to language
  • Continuum of education options
  • Sometimes parents do not know ISD/ISVI exists
  • Assist parents in making informed decisions
  • Deaf students
    • That do not sign
    • Language role model
  • Residential Setting
    • Attachment issues
    • Reactive attachment disorder
    • Must give a balanced view


  • Education cooperative
  • Cooperative model
    • Use a portion of IDEA funds
    • There is no one model to explain
  • Where schools are situated within state bureaucracy
  • Advantages/disadvantages
  • How are similar schools operated in other states
  • Changes in autonomy


  • Using funds for school for DHS
  • Not very fond of institutions
  • View schools as institutions
  • How you decide to govern will affect funding
  • Schools responsible for educating
    • Fund as a school
    • First and foremost a school
  • Stress education when discussion the schools
    • Best for both groups ISVI?ISD
  • Discussion of facility closures

Next working group meeting

  • Meeting will likely be scheduled in 4 weeks
  • Meeting Wizard is not accessible to the blind