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Persons with HIV or AIDS 


Administrative Agency:

Illinois Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), the State Medicaid Agency

A component of the DHS-DRS Home Services Program (HSP)

Operating Agency:

Illinois Department of Human Services-Division of Rehabilitation Services (DHS-DRS)

Managed Care Organization: 

For those persons getting Medical services through a managed care organization, see contact information and links below 

Eligible Population:

Eligibility Criteria:

Services: (Descriptions)

How to Access Services:

Point of Entry - DRS Statewide HIV/AIDS Unit or the DHS–DRS Local Offices

Select Rehabilitation Services from the drop down box


Managed Care

Persons who have medical services through a Medicaid managed care organization may contact their care coordinator about the need for in home services and for assistance with a referral. 

**If requesting a referral directly from DHS-DRS, please tell the HIV/AIDS Unit or the DHS-DRS Local Office person about your managed care, give them the name of the managed care organization and have your identification number available.

Medicaid Agency Contact Information

Service Descriptions