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Below is a list of various ASL videos for your information: 



  1. Emergency Preparedness:  Together We Prepare (Joint Collaboration by IDHHC & IEMA)
  2. Severe Weather Preparedness (Joint Collaboration by IDHHC & IEMA)


  1. Introduction of ACA (Joint Collaboration by IDHHC & JACIL)
  2. ACA, Part Two (Joint Collaboration by IDHHC & JACIL)
    1. Can I Still Get Coverage Once Open Enrollment is Closed?
    2. Illinois Medicaid Expansion
    3. Special Enrollment Period

More information on the ACA can be found on the Get Covered Illinois website.  To find an ASL navigator near you, click GET HELP IN YOUR AREA then you will be linked to a new page.  Enter your zipcode and be sure to insert ASL in the SELECT LANGUAGE box.  You can also insert your preferred distance radius in the area.  It will list ASL navigator(s) in your area.  If there are none, you can expand your search by listing a neighboring city.  Keep in mind, if you do not find an ASL navigator in your area, you can request an ASL interpreter with a hearing navigator.



  1. Active Patient, Healthy Living (Developed by Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and Sinai Health System; Made possible by Michael Reese Health Trust, IDHHC & Statewide Independent Living Council)
  2.         The purpose of the Active Patient, Healthy Living video is to learn how you can be an "active patient".  An "active patient" means that you are doing everything to make sure you are healthy.

  3. How to File a Complaint in regards to "Communication Access" at Hospitals under the Language Assistance Service Act (L.A.S.A.) (Developed by LIFE Center for Independent Living, Bloomington, IL)
  4. Illinois Tobacco Quitline (Developed by Deaf Communications by Innovation in collaboration with IDPH, Office of Health Promotion and the American Lung Association in IL)
  5. Social Security, SSI and Medicare:  What You Absolutely Need to Know About These Vital Programs (Developed by Social Security's Office of Communications)
  6. Standard Practices for Hospitals:  Communicating with Individuals who are Deaf (Developed by Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois) 
    • Introduction
    • CEO's Perspective

      Target Audience: CEOs, administrators, directors and managers
      Mr. Alan Channing, President and CEO of Sinai Health System, talks about how Sinai provides services in the community that are beyond the traditional healthcare model.  Communication challenges are also acknowledged by Mr. Channing as he explains how Sinai Deaf Health addresses the disparity in health services among patients who are deaf and hard of hearing.

    • Physician to Physician

      Target Audience:  Physicians, physician assistants, nurses and other healthcare professionals who provide direct healthcare
      Dr. Gary Kaufman, the medical director of Sinai Deaf Health, discusses how important it is for physicians to have effective communication with deaf patients in order to provide appropriate patient care.  He also presents the common symptoms related to genetic syndromes associated with deafness.

    • Interpreter Issues

      Target Audience:  Administrators, directors, managers and staff who are responsible for policy development and interpreter coordination
      This segment explains different types of interpreting services (agency, contractual, staff and video remote interpreting) to assist hospital personnel in determining which interpreting resource(s) best suit their patients' needs.  The difference between qualified and unqualified interpreters is also highlighted.

    • Illinois Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007       

      Target Audience:  Administrators, legal/risk management departments, directors, managers and staff who are responsible for policy development and interpreter coordination
      John Miller, Director of Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission, explains the state law requirements governing American Sign Language Interpreters and the four interpreter proficiency levels which must be considered when hiring interpreters in medical settings.

    • Federal & State Laws Requirements for Communication Accessibility

      Target Audience:  Administrators, legal/risk management departments, directors, managers and staff who are responsible for policy development and interpreter coordination
      Howard Rosenblum, CEO of the National Association of the Deaf, explains hospitals' legal obligations with respect to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other laws ensuring communication access to patients with hearing loss.  The legal implications of the terms "effective communication" and "qualified interpreters" are clarified.

    • Patient Care

      Target Audience:  Nurse directors, nurse educators, nurses paraprofessionals, social workers and other staff providing direct patient care
      This section targets staff who provide direct care for hospital in-patients who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Tips and tools are shared to ensure that consistent care is provided and make the patient as comfortable as possible by providing appropriate communication access and accommodations.

    • Policy for Communication Accessibility

      Target Audience:  Administrators, legal/risk management departments
      Recommendations are made in this section regarding policy development addressing communication accessibility for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing.


    1. Everything You Need to Know About Interpreter Licensure (Developed by IDHHC)

            The following videos are only available in American Sign Language and they are NOT voiced or captioned.  These ASL videos were produced to allow ASL users access to information which was previously only available in written English.  Non ASL users can access information on Interpreter Licensure available in various PDF documents on IDHHC’s website.


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