Lending Library 


Click on a category for a listing of items available from our Lending Library. These are .pdf files, so you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

You may borrow up to 5 items at one time for 30 days. There is no cost involved in the lending of items or postage. If you want to keep the items longer than the 30 days, you must contact IDHHC to get prior approval. This will eliminate anyone else who may be on a waiting list for those items, to be informed of arrival back to the IDHHC Office.

Lending Policy and Check-Out/Check-In Form

Mail the forms to: Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission
528 South 5th Street, Suite 209
Springfield, IL 62701

Or fax the forms to: (217) 557-4492 ATTENTION: Brandy Hayes, Project Coordinator

Any questions - contact IDHHC Webmaster

Please make every effort to return the items borrowed within 60 days so others may have the same opportunity as you did in using this resource.


Thank you!

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