Current Situation 


Current Structure for Providing Fiscal and HR Services

State agencies, boards and commissions provide many HR & fiscal services…

  • internally and separately,
  • using inconsistent paper-based processes, and
  • employing over 100 unique fiscal, HR and payroll systems, many of which are over 20 years old, technologically obsolete and incompatible with each other.
Current Structure Diagram

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Need For a New System

Technologically obsolete systems and disparate processes make it virtually impossible to implement a single, statewide information system with wide-ranging functionality to support fiscal and HR services.

Inconsistent Processes Diagram

This creates major inefficiencies:

  • Fiscal and HR information, which is extremely data intensive, must be entered and re-entered multiple times into multiple systems.
  • Without an integrated IT system, fiscal and HR services are dependent upon manual paper-based processes and the manual compilation and reconciliation of inconsistent fiscal and HR data.
  • Basic business tools and required activities, such as providing timely reports and acquiring approvals, are largely dependent upon manual efforts and paper-based processes.
  • Services that rely too heavily on manual efforts are time-consuming and prone to error and inconsistency.

No business can operate effectively without efficient and effective fiscal and HR operations, and the State is no exception.

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