The Shared Services Team 


The principal sponsor of this program is Governor Pat Quinn, who has committed the State to increasing vital services to the public though various efficiency and operational improvement initiatives.

  • Providing strategic guidance and assistance to the overall program is Greg Wass, State Chief Information Officer, Office of the Governor, and Ginger Ostro, Director, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget.
  • Managing the implementation of the program is Jack Munzer, Shared Services Program Director and Associate Director, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget.
  • Providing strategic guidance and assistance related to the IT initiative of the program is Tom Lynch, Information Technology Strategist , Bureau of Communications and Computer Services (BCCS), Department of Central Management Services.

Assisting this leadership team are the following groups and individuals:

  • Jen Aholt, Risk Assessment Manager
  • Tina Neely, Program Transition Manager
  • Jon Friend, Program Communications Manager
  • Leadership Team for the Public Safety Shared Services Center, including:

    • Bill Edley, Center Director
    • Rochelle Hardy, Chief of Administration
    • Tony Small, Chief Fiscal Director
    • Mary Ann Pollard, Human Resources Director.
  • Leadership Team for the Administrative & Regulatory Shared Services Center, including:

    • Dave Hunt, Center Director
    • Travis March, Chief Fiscal Officer
    • Christy Shewmaker, Human Resources Director
    • Shelly Martin, Administrative Director
  • Various staffers from the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget.
  • Deloitte Consulting, who is providing consulting services related the current phase of the program.

Together, these project participants listed above form the “Shared Services Team.”

In addition to the Shared Services Team, the following groups are also providing important insight and advice:

  • Over 300 Subject Matter Experts from over 24 different agencies
  • Over 24 Agency Directors and their Chiefs of Staff/Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers and HR Directors.
  • The Shared Services Program Advisory Group:

    • Jack Munzer, Shared Services Project Director and Associate Director (GOMB)
    • Stephanie Arkin, Program Administrator, Administrative Services (REV)
    • Marcia Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer (CMS)
    • Bill Edley, Center Director (PSSSC)
    • Dave Hunt, Center Director (ARSSC)
    • Jessica Trame, Chief of Staff (ISP)
    • James Reinhart, Chief of Staff (DOC)
    • Lisa Bonnett, Chief Fiscal Officer (EPA)
    • Scott Harry, Chief Fiscal Officer (DCEO)
    • Ellen King-Pietrzak, Chief Fiscal Officer (DNR)
    • Barb Piwowarski, Chief Fiscal Officer (DCFS)
    • Laura Zaremba, Chief of Planning (HFS)
    • Ann Schneider, Director, Office of Finance and Administration (IDOT)
  • The Shared Services Information Technology Advisory Committee (SSITAC), comprised of Chief Information Officers from various state agencies.
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