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Administration and Staff 

Letter from the Executive Director:

Welcome to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, established in 1889 as the Illinois State Historical Library. We encourage everyone, especially students, parents, teachers, genealogists, and historians, to use this new website to learn more about Abraham Lincoln and Illinois history. Our goal is to make our priceless, one-of-a-kind collections more accessible to those throughout the world who appreciate President Lincoln and his legacy. In the coming days and weeks, more material pertaining to Illinois’ Civil War soldiers, rare period photographs, manuscripts, and paintings will become digitally available free of charge.

Gifts to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, whether major collections or smaller holdings and bequests, insure that current and future generations can continue to learn about and be inspired by Illinois’ diverse and significant history. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is a living, breathing link to the past, and we encourage you to join us as we continue to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

                                                                        Eileen R. Mackevich

Staff Directory

Section  Name What/Who Do You Want… Phone Email
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Reception Desk General Information 217-558-8844
Reference Desk   General Reference 217-524-6358  
Acquisitions Book Orders 217-558-8844

Administration Mackevich, Eileen R. Executive Director, ALPLM 217-558-8881
Administration Harris, Kathryn Library Services Director 217-524-7219
Administration Lush, Christine Secretary 217-524-7216
Audio Visual Fairburn, Roberta Photographs Assistant 217-558-8887
Audio Visual Michals, Mary Photographs Curator 217-785-7955
Cataloging Schmidt, Jane Cataloger 217-785-7946
Conservation Lab Parr, Bonnie Conservator 217-785-7934
Donations/Gifts Stockton, Gary Acquisitions Archivist 217-524-5939
Information Technology  Hamor, Cindy     IT Support   217-558-8916 
Information Technology      Schappaugh, Ronda  IT Support      217-558-8915 
Interlibrary Loan Cavanagh, Bob Interlibrary Loan (Books and Microfilm) 217-785-7947
Interlibrary Loan Ross, Debbie Interlibrary Loan (Newspaper Microfilm) 217-557-8830
Lincoln Collection Pohl, Mary Ann Lincoln Cataloger 217-785-7944 Mary
Lincoln Collection Cornelius, James Lincoln Curator 217-785-7954
Lincoln Collection Ericson, Jennifer Lincoln Photographs 217-558-8921
Manuscripts Hamm, Debbie Manuscripts Assistant 217-558-8972
Manuscripts Schroeder-Lein, Glenna Manuscripts Cataloger 217-558-8923
Manuscripts Schnirring, Cheryl Manuscripts Curator 217-785-7942
Microfilming Lab Helm, Amanda Newspaper Microfilmer 217-524-7522
Microfilming Lab Barnett, Teri Newspaper Preparer 217-558-0126
Newspapers Perone, Jan Newspaper Librarian 217-558-8856
Oral History DePue, Mark Oral History Historian 217-558-8949
Papers of Abraham Lincoln McDermott, Stacy Assistant Director And Associate Editor 217-558-8865
Papers of Abraham Lincoln Worthington, Daniel Assistant Editor 217-558-8868
Papers of Abraham Lincoln Stowell, Daniel Director and Editor 217-785-9131
Papers of Abraham Lincoln Mueller, Marilyn Research Assistant 217-558-8985
Papers of Abraham Lincoln Clausing, Kelley Research Associate 217-558-8870
Papers of Abraham Lincoln Murphree, Boyd Assistant Editor 217-558-8978
Papers of Abraham Lincoln McWhirter, Christian Assistant Editor 217-785-9132
Reference Podeschi, Gwen Reference Librarian 217-558-8908
Volunteer Services Carrell, Jeremy Volunteer Services 217-558-8984