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Update mailing list

Approve 12/12/07 minutes

December 12, 2007 Meeting Minutes


$21 million FCC Rural Health Pilot Grant
IL Rural HealthNet state map

USDA grants and Rural Broadband workshops
Community Connect Grant Summary
Community Connect federal register entry
Digital TV program federal register entry
Rural Broadband Workshops schedule

Lt. Governors Association Resolution to Bridge the Digital Divide in America
Digital Divide Resolution


Committee Updates
One-page committee descriptions
Policy committee website
Infrastructure committee website
Demand Committee website

Broadband in Speaker Madigan’s budget hearings: Fran Roehm, Skokie Public Library
Speaker Madigan's budget hearing schedule

Bill update SB766 High Speed Internet and Information Technology Act
HB5000 Children's Low Cost Laptop Act
Bill Summaries

DCEO Community Technology Center Grants: Ray Williams, DCEO

Community Wireless Grants: Ryan Croke, Office of Lt. Governor Quinn
Wireless seminar project: Frank Stec & Chris Kamba, UIUC
Project broadCAST Information Request

Illinois Century Network update: Lori Sorenson, CMS Bureau of Communication and Computer Services

Mounting wireless equipment on government property: Bob Stapleton, Illinois Wireless Association

DHS Telehealth Project: Deborah Seale, SIU School of Medicine
Project overview

Local & Regional

ConnectSI mapping and : Kathy Lively, Man-tra-con
Connect SI slideshow

Lawndale Wireless project: Nicol Turner-Lee, OneEconomy
Lawndale Wireless slideshow

Other Business

Affordable broadband access for deaf citizens: John Miller, Illinois Deaf & Hard of Hearing Commission One-page issue summary

Extending broadband coverage in rural Iowa: Bill Cusack & Darcy Davidsmeyer, Motorola
Extending broadband coverage to rural communities
Case study: Farmtel (Wayland, Iowa)

Rural Wireless: Michael Kozeliski, LOEA

Broadband Calendar of Events
Layton Olson's Illinois Internet Calendar

Broadband Properties Conference: James Carlini
Conference discount info

ISPCON: Jeff Gerhardt
Should we have a muni-wifi conference in conjunction with ISPCON?

WiMax Conference in Chicago: March 28 at the Illinois Institute of Technology

Next meeting - early May

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