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Critical Community Infrastructure Grant

The CCI grant focuses on middle mile broadband infrastructure projects that connect major community institutions such as libraries, city government, and public safety agencies.

Official NTIA CCI Grant Guide

Public Computer Center Grant

The PCC Grant is for the construction of computer centers and connecting them to the internet at high speeds.

Official NTIA PCC Grant Guide

Sustainable Broadband Adoption Grant

The SBA Grant is focused on promoting broadband use and educating the public about the benefits of broadband access.

Official NTIA SBA Grant Guide

Further Reading

Outline of funding process for BTOP Critical Community Infrastructure grant

Outline of funding process for BTOP Public Computer Centers grant

Outline of funding process for BTOP Sustainable Broadband Adoption grant

Note: Outlines are summaries of the Round 2 NOFA. For the latest application guidance, refer to the respective grant guide.

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