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Benefit Information 


LGHP Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do I contact for more information about my benefits or to make changes to my existing coverage?

A. Contact the Health Plan Representative (HPR) at your employing unit. Your unit's personnel or payroll office can assist you in locating your HPR.

Q. Do I get a new medical and prescription drug identification card every plan year?

A. The only time you will receive an identification card is when you first enroll in the plan, if you change plans, if the plan administrator changes or if you request new cards. If you lose your identification card, you may request a replacement card from the plan administrator.

Q. Is enrollment for my newborn for health coverage automatic?

A. No, enrollment for a newborn is not automatic. To enroll a newborn, contact your HPR within 60 days of birth for coverage to be retroactive to birth. The newborn's birth certificate is required for enrollment.  As soon as a social security card has been issued for the newborn, a copy must be sent to the LGHP Unit.

Q. What should I, or my dependent, do when we turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare due to a medical condition (Medicare Disability or Medicare ESRD)?

A. In most cases, you must enroll in both Medicare Parts A and B and send a copy of your Medicare card to the CMS Medicare Coordination of Benefits (MCOB) Unit. If you or your dependent are actively working and eligible for Medicare or you have additional questions about this requirement, contact the CMS Medicare Coordination of Benefits (MCOB) Unit at 1-800-442-1300 or directly at (217) 782-7007.

Q. My address has changed. Who should I notify?

A. Contact your HPR as soon as possible to update your insurance records.

The following FAQs are for plan participants currently enrolled in or considering enrollment in the Local Care Health Plan (LCHP), Health Alliance Illinois or HealthLink OAP:

Q. How do I order medications through Medco’s Mail Order Pharmacy?

A. To order from Medco’s Mail Order Pharmacy, you must obtain an original 61-90 day written prescription plus up to three 61-90 day refills from your doctor and complete a Mail Order Form. Send the original prescription, the completed Mail Order Form and the appropriate copayment to Medco at the address listed on the form.

Q. How do I order refills through Medco’s Mail Order Pharmacy?

A. Once enrolled, you will receive a refill form from Medco with each mail order prescription. For quicker processing, you can also order refills via the Internet or by telephone. Visit Medco's website at or call Medco at (800) 899-2587.