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Opt Out and Waiver of Coverage 

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Opt Out

Full-time employees, survivors and annuitants/retirees may complete an Opt Out Election Certificate (PDF 27 KB) to opt out of the State's health plan. Opting out applies to the member and all enrolled dependents and in addition to terminating health coverage, will terminate vision, prescription and behavioral health coverage. Members electing to opt out must be able to provide proof of comprehensive major medical health coverage by an entity other than the Department of Central Management Services. An opt out financial incentive is available to Non-Medicare annuitants when they elect to opt out of the program. Employees who opt out, as well as annuitants who are receiving an opt out financial incentive, will also have their dental coverage terminated. 

Waiver of Coverage

Part-time employees, annuitants and survivors who are required to pay a portion of the State-paid premium may elect to waive health, dental and vision coverage. Interested members should contact their agency/university Group Insurance Representative (GIR) (PDF 327 KB)

Annuitant Waiver of Coverage

New annuitants who are currently a dependent on their spouse’s State group insurance coverage may elect to continue the coverage as a dependent and waive coverage as a member. Click here for more information and the required form.