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Rates and Calculators 


Member and Dependent Rates

Each plan year (July 1 – June 30) the health, dental and life coverage rates may change.

Refer to the FY2013 Rate Sheet page for the current plan year's employee and dependent health, optional life and dental contributions.  Refer to the FY2014 Rate Sheet page for the upcoming plan year's contribution amounts.

Full-time employees can calculate the FY2014 premium amount due when for different health plans, dental options, optional life coverage and/or number of dependents.

Non-IRS Domestic Partner, Civil Union Partner and Children of a Civil Union Partner

Members whose coverage includes a non-IRS domestic partner, civil union partner or child of a civil union partner will be assessed imputed income associated with those dependents. The premiums for these non-IRS dependents are IN ADDITION TO any other health premium the member is currently paying for their IRS dependents.

Non-IRS Adult Veteran Child Rates

Members whose coverage includes a non-IRS adult veteran child are responsible for 100% of the cost of the coverage (member portion plus the State portion).


Members whose coverage under the plan has been terminated are responsible for 102% of the cost of the coverage.