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WageWorks Debit Card Substantiation 

Medical Care Assistance Plan (MCAP) participants who use their WageWorks Visa card to pay for a medical expense or service will need to substantiate that card transaction if it was not a known copayment. 

Beginning in July 2013, WageWorks will automatically email MCAP participants within two days of the transaction being posted to the system asking the participant to submit their receipts.  The participant will then need to login to their WageWorks account and substantiate the transaction by either scanning the required documentation and submitting it through the WageWorks online process or by printing the personalized substantiation form called the Card Use Verification (CUV) form and mailing or faxing it to WageWorks (toll-free fax number 855-291-0625).  Participants may also substantiate card expenses by using the EZ Receipts phone application. 

Participants should not use the 'Pay Me Back' Claim form to substantiate a WageWorks Visa transaction.  Participants who do complete the 'Pay Me Back' Claim form will be paid the amount on the claim form and will then need to repay their account. 

How Do I Repay my MCAP Account?
There are two main reasons that participants must 'repay' their MCAP account.

  • Participants who inadvertently complete the 'Pay Me Back' Claim form instead of the Card Use Verification (CUV) form will need to repay their MCAP account. 
  • Participants who use their card to pay the entire amount of their service or expense, including the amount that insurance would have paid, must repay their MCAP account.

To pay back the account, participants must mail a check for the outstanding amount payable to WageWorks, along with the personalized Card Use Verification form (available to participants when they log into their WageWorks account) to the following address:

Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 14326
Lexington KY 40512

Once WageWorks receives and applies the participant's check, the funds will go back into the participant's MCAP account and may be used for another eligible expense.

Note: Participants who do not have an email on file with WageWorks will receive a letter containing the personalized CUV form via USPS.