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TCHP Claim Payment Delay 


Updated: 03/27/2015

Notice Regarding TCHP Claim Payment Delay

Specific questions or concerns regarding a claim payment?  Contact CMS Benefits Group Insurance at:

Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) Benefit Plan

Notice Regarding TCHP Claim Payment Delay: The Department of Central Management Services administers the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) as set forth in the State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1971. The Health plan claims: Pay your member portion after you receive the explanation of benefits or upon receipt of services

  • Health plan claims: Always utilize TCHP providers, if possible. Teachers’ Choice Health Plan (TCHP) is a self-insured plan with funding provided through active teacher contributions, school/district contributions and plan participant premiums. At this time, funds remain insufficient to pay claims on a normal schedule, and we cannot estimate when a regular payment schedule will resume. Claim payments will be released according to the claim process date and available funding. Cigna, the claims administrator, continues to process claims in a timely manner, but release of claims must be held until revenue is available. Late payment interest is paid to healthcare providers on health claims that take longer than 30 days from the receipt of a complete claim submission to pay. We continue to keep you apprised on the length of this delay and make the following recommendations:
  • Health plan claims: If utilizing a non-TCHP provider, ask the provider to accept the delayed claim payment or set up a payment plan.
Teachers' Choice Health Plan (TCHP) claims processed through 02/06/2015 have been released.

Updates regarding the length of the delay and the current release dates will be posted to this website as they are available.

Originally Posted: 01/24/2011