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Auto Liability Part 3100-600 


Section 3100.600 - Probation

  1. Should a State employee be involved in an additional at-fault accident in which damages exceed $500 within one year after receiving the notice specified in Section 3100.500, that employee's coverage under the Plan shall be placed on probation for one year.

  2. An employee whose coverage is placed on probation shall be notified by DRM via a certified mail that if he/she is involved in an additional at-fault accident for which damages exceed $500 as defined in 80 Ill. Adm. Code 3100.500 within one year after the date of notice, the employee shall be deemed an unacceptable risk and coverage under the Plan may be revoked.

  3. Upon receiving written evidence from the provider of the course that an employee whose coverage is placed on probation has satisfactorily completed a remedial driver's training course approved by DCMS, that employee shall be removed from probation. If one year has not expired since receipt of the warning status letter, the individual will be returned to warning status until the expiration of one year from the receipt of the warning status letter. DCMS will reimburse employees successfully completing an approved course of remedial training. The criteria for approval of a remedial training course shall include:

    1. a curriculum based on teaching recognized defensive driving techniques and accident prevention;
    2. course length sufficient to teach these skills, not in excess of 2 weeks or shorter than 8 hours; and
    3. a reasonable fee for instruction, not in excess of $100.

(Source: Amended at____Ill. Reg. 10036, effective July 15, 1997)