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Early Intervention Program FAQ 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Early Intervention Program?

The Early Intervention Program is designed to ensure that every State employee hurt on the job, receives quality medical care and that their recovery is complete.

The program is administered by TRISTAR, specialists in the field of workers' compensation managed care, under the supervision of the Department of Central Management Services.

How does the Early Intervention Program work?

Being injured on the job may be stressful for you and your family. Your primary focus should be recuperating and returning to work, but often this doesn't happen. You may be confused about the rules to follow to ensure your benefits are paid, and may feel that you are without any advocate to assist you through the process.

Your team of workers' compensation specialists consists of Claims Adjustors, Nurse Case Managers, and Work-site Coordinators; dedicated to see you through the process and make sure all of your questions are answered.

The Early Intervention Program consists of:

  • An injury reporting toll-free hotline, 1-855-495-1554 (TDD: 1-866-932-5779) for employees to report a work-related injury or illness immediately.
  • On-going communication with you by a TRISTAR staff member or Nurse Case Manager to ensure that you are receiving quality medical care and to help coordinate treatment and an early return to work. The TRISTAR Nurse Case Manager may also contact your treating physician, your supervisor, your workers' compensation coordinator, and claims adjustor to coordinate your recovery and return to work.

Is it necessary that I communicate with TRISTAR?

Yes. Contact with TRISTAR ensures the highest quality medical care is made available.

Will this program affect the workers' compensation claims process?

Yes. The timely reporting of injuries and the information that CareSys will obtain from you and your treating physicians will assist DCMS in processing your claim.

Where can I obtain additional information?

Your supervisor and workers' compensation coordinator have been educated about the Early Intervention Program and will be able to answer most of your questions. If you have further questions regarding the Program, please call the toll-free injury reporting hotline, 1-855-495-1554 (TDD: 1-866-932-5779).