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  • Beginning July 2014, the premium that a Medicare eligible retiree, annuitant or survivor pays for the Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan will change from 1% of their annuity to 2% of their annuity.  Individuals with less than 20 years of service are responsible for an additional amount which is calculated based upon the cost of the selected coverage.  Refer to the Premiums link below for more information.  07/25/14

  • Beginning the week of July 7, 2014, the State of Illinois began sending out a letter to all plan participants who are enrolled in the TRAIL program (the TRAIL program consists of State-sponsored Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug plans: United Healthcare, Humana, and Coventry Advantra).  This letter is informational only, and as such, there is no action required.  It explains what could happen if a State of Illinois plan participant enrolls in another Medicare plan.  Enrollment into another Medicare plan means enrollment into a different Medicare Advantage Plan or a different Medicare Part D plan.  The federal government will not allow someone to be in more than one Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D plan at a time; therefore, any subsequent enrollment into one of these types of plans will cause your enrollment in the State-sponsored Medicare Advantage Plan to be terminated.  07/16/14

  • In January 2011, the Affordable Care Act established an income related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA) under the Part D program (prescription portion of Medicare) which is known as Part D-IRMAA.  02/21/14
  • If you are a Medicare retiree who received a Welcome Letter from UnitedHealthcare, please be advised that you will not be billed directly by UnitedHealthcare for your premiums.  Your monthly premium contribution will continue to be deducted the same way it is currently being deducted.  12/27/13
  • Central Management Services, Group Insurance Division, has been receiving a number of questions from retirees regarding their ability to move between original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan.  This Medicare Tip Sheet, produced by federal Medicare, outlines the general requirements for an individual to move between these types of plans.  11/06/13

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