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All confidential information should be shredded or locked in some way before the Recycler takes it in their chain of custody.

Please remember to maintain security policies for secured documents and old personnel documents with Social Security numbers on them.

Illinois Government Recycles

About the Program

Created by the Solid Waste Management Act of 1986, the State of Illinois' I-CYCLE Program facilitates the recycling efforts of more than 225 state locations and 40,400 state employees. In fiscal year 2013, Illinois recycled 5,521,906 pounds of paper, 830,714 pounds of OCC (card board), 2,486 pounds of plastic, 4,114 pounds of aluminum, 103,449 pounds of scrap metal from empty food cans and 48,179 pounds of assorted comingled items.

The CMS I-CYCLE program has been very successful in increasing the amount of material the state recycles and promoting the use of recycled products. The I-CYCLE program is a self-funded recycling program administered by CMS’ Bureau of Agency Services to recover and sell recyclable materials from state agencies and encourage the market development of recovered materials.

Through the I-CYCLE and State Surplus programs, the state currently recycles paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastics, old telephone directories, scrap metal, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, laser printer cartridges, VCR Tapes, Data Tapes and silver bearing materials.

CMS continues to contract not-for-profit Community Rehabilitation Facilities within CMS's State Use Program to recycle its surplus computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment in order to prevent leaks of mercury, lead, and other toxins into the environment. The State Use Vendors continue to meet or exceed national certifications for responsible electronics recycling.

Forty-one percent of all paper and paper products procured/ purchased by CMS for the state contained recycled materials. CMS purchases other items containing recycled materials such as laser printer cartridges, pencils, recycling bins, tires, antifreeze, and steel wastebaskets.

CMS and I-Cycle are strongly committed to the ongoing improvement of the state's recycling and recycled/post consumer-purchasing activities. With the continued support of the goal of increased recycling, government can lead by example in minimizing potential environmental impact. Your continued support of these initiatives and goals is very much appreciated.

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Contact I-CYCLE

Stratton Office Building, Room 616
401 S. Spring St.
Springfield, IL 62706-4100
Phone: (217) 524-5742