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Surplus Property 

Through the CMS Surplus Property program, we re-distribute, recycle or dispose of surplus state property.

We also administer the distribution of federal surplus property and conduct public online auctions of surplus equipment that is no longer used or required by United States federal installations and State of Illinois governmental agencies.

Local governments, qualifying not-for-profit organizations and the public may view the available State surplus equipment at central warehouses in Springfield and Chicago and during periodic auctions.  A nominal service charge is assessed depending on the age and condition of each item of property to cover overhead costs.

Our Recycling services help state agencies to properly dispose of or recycle unusable items if they cannot be re-distributed by Surplus Property to other state entities.

State Surplus Property

Federal Surplus Property

Online Auction (i-Bid)

Often called "the eBay® of Illinois," i-Bid is the State's online auction website.  The i-Bid web site also allows users to browse and bid for items currently available for surplus sale.

Cities and other local governments in Illinois can use the State's surplus property online auction website to dispose of their unneeded equipment. 

i-Bid can help local governments reap the highest bid from thousands of interested bidders around the world, at lower fees than most online auction services.

Computer Donation Program

Computer Donation ProgramThe Program was created to offer surplus State of Illinois computers and peripheral electronics to eligible Illinois schools, non-profit organizations, and daycare centers for educational and training purposes. The Program is intended to increase the availability of IT equipment to eligible entities and to improve computer skills of the eligible organization’s students or participants.

For further information contact:

Curt Howard, Administrator
CMS Federal & State Surplus Property Division
1924 So. 10 1/2 Street
Springfield, IL 62703
voice (State): 217.782.7786
voice (Federal): 217.785.7903
voice (LESO): 217.558.1425