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Illinois Procurement Gateway

Vendors are now able to use the Illinois Procurement Gateway (IPG) to submit certain procurement-related information in advance of responding to solicitations. Registering in advance will save time, money and effort, and will reduce the risk of being disqualified for administrative errors.

Instead of submitting paper forms for certain required information (such as company ownership, Department of Human Right's public contract number and State Board of Elections registration number), vendors are able to submit the information electronically in advance. Upon approval, vendors will receive a registration number and expiration date that can be included in solicitation responses in lieu of submitting various paper forms with every response. For additional information, visit the IPG Help.

To assist vendors in navigating the IPG, both webinar and on-site training is offered. Attendance in a session is highly encouraged. The Training Schedule contains information on upcoming sessions.

2015 Sole Source Hearing Schedule
We will hold a public hearing at the date, time and location specified in the Procurement Bulletin notice, if we receive a request to testify regarding the sole source determination. The public hearing allows any interested party the opportunity to testify for or against the sole source determination as described in this notice.

Requests to testify must be received no later than the registration date and time indicated in the notice. If we do not receive a timely request or statement, we will not hold the hearing. We reserve the right to cancel the procurement prior to any scheduled hearing. Please confirm the status of the hearing with the Hearing Contact.  The hearing schedule can be found here

UPPCC Exam Schedule
CPOs and SPOs are required to be certified by the UPPCC and must take training classes for certification and recertification.  All UPPCC certification examinations are administered via computer at a Prometric testing center.
Examinations will be delivered daily, Monday thru Saturday at a time and location selected by the candidate.  Fall examinations are administered during the last two full weeks in October.  Spring examinations are administered during the first two full weeks in May.  Advanced application is required and additional fees apply for testing outside of the US and Canada.  Please see exam schedule and associated deadlines.

The Chief Procurement Office would like to remind vendors of the prohibition on political contributions found in Section 50-37 of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500/50-37).  We encourage every vendor to be familiar with this section of the Code and to seek legal advice as to how this section affects your company.