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The forms are divided into categories.  If you are unable to locate a specific form please contact the CPO Office at 217-558-5143.

Please note:   All PPB Forms -- including the Sole Source Justification Form, Conflict of Interest Review Form, and Disclosure Replacement Forms are maintained by the Procurement Policy Board (PPB) on their website.  Links are provided here as a convenience.

Disclosures & Conflicts of Interest

            Conflict of Interest Review Request
            Disclosure Replacement Form


            Emergency Purchase Affidavit
            Emergency Contract Extension Justification Form

Miscellaneous Forms

            Brand Name Only Specification Form
            Certification of No Change
            Change Order Justification Form
            Voidable Contract Review Request Form


            Renewals or Extensions exceeding $249,999

Sole Source

            Sole Source Justification Form
            Sole Source Hearing Witness Slip

Solicitations and Contracts

            Invitation for Bid
Request for Proposal
equest for Proposal for Professional & Artistic Services
            Form A (to be used by Vendors who are not registered in the Illinois Procurement Gateway)
            Form B (to be used by Vendors who are registered in the Illinois Procurement Gateway)
            BEP Participation and Utilization Plan
            Veteran Small Business Participation and Utilization Plan 


            Flex-Fuel and Gas Mileage Waiver Request
            Late Execution Waiver Request
            Procurement Code Compliance Waiver