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Procurement Resources 

Putting together the Procurement Puzzle isn't only a challenge for vendors, but procurement professionals too.  Whether a seasoned pro or new to state procurement, successful transactions require information, insight, guidance and tools.

Manuals for Vendors
FAQ NIGP Code User Update V.14.2.pdf
NIGP Class Item listing.pdf
Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest Vendor Manual V.14.2.pdf
Procurement Communication Reporting December 2013.pdf

Continuing Disclosure for Contractors and Subcontractors with Multi-Year Contracts
Continuing Disclosure Multi-Year Contracts v.14.2.pdf

State Purchasing Officer Determination Form
SPO Determination Form v.14.1.pdf

Procurement File Checklists
Procurement Checklist - Solicitations.docx
Procurement Checklist - Order Against Master.docx
Procurement Checklist - Contract Renewal.docx
Procurement Checklist - Small Purchase.docx
Procurement Checklist - Emergency.docx
Procurement Checklist - Sole Source.docx

Solicitation and Contract Templates and Forms
BOA under $25,000 V.13.5.pdf
BOA over $25,000 V.13.5.pdf
Contract Amendment without Disclosures V.13.5.docx
Contract Amendment with Disclosures V.13.5.docx
Contract Renewal with Certification of No Change V.13.5.docx
Contract Renewal without Disclosures V.13.5.docx
Contract Renewal with Disclosures V.13.5.docx
IFB V.13.5.docx
IFB with BEP Goal V.13.5.docx
P and A RFP V.13.5.docx
P and A RFP with BEP Goal V.13.5.docx
RFP V.13.5.docx
RFP with BEP Goal V.13.5.docx
Financial Disclosures and Conflicts of Interests V.13.5.docx
Standard Certifications V.13.5.docx
Stand Alone Contract V.13.4.docx