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Completed FOIA Requests Log 

Requestor's Last NameDate InRequestor's AffiliationRequest DescriptionDate Due
Huff9/18/2013InmateInmate requesting copy of Criminal Code 720 ILCS 5/12-1 Assult
Winters9/18/2013LIttler mendelsonRP requesting copy of EEOC charge Jones v Advocate North Side Health - 440-2012-045229/23/2013
Dole9/11/2013InmateInmate requesting various documents - Human Rights Act9/18/2013
Gibbs9/9/2013WCN-Online.comReporter requesting copies of charges regarding Country Club Hills and Mayor Dwight Welch9/16/2013
Horneker9/6/2013Ogletree Deakins et alRP requesting EEOC file Armedia Hall v Cedarhurst of Shiloh Operator, LLC - 560-2012-019739/10/2013
Kinsaul9/5/2013KMOV-TVReporter requesting documents related to charge McAfee v Hubbard - 2013sn35859/12/2013
Pratt9/4/2013Chicago TribuneReporter requesting copy of charges for Turner v Village of Tinley Park Police - 2013cf33869/4/2013
Johnson9/3/2013Cozen & OconnorCP atty requesting Intake documents for Kenneth Simelton v City of Cairo9/10/2013
Kaufhold9/3/2013Kaufhold & AssociatesRp atty requesting copy of file for Donald Lieneman v Cit of Granite - 2013SF28439/10/2013
Grant8/26/2013Southern Illinois UniversityProfessor requesting Sexual Harassment and Discrimination data for IL Public Universities9/10/2013
Howard8/23/2013n/aCP requesting copy of IDHR sign-in sheet dated 10/20/20138/27/2013
Lang8/23/2013n/aPrivate atty requesting copies of charges filed by Larry Wilson 8/27/2013
Wilder8/20/2013Littler MendelsonRP requesting copy of EEOC file 440-2013-01620 - Naber v Healthcare Service Corp.8/27/2013
Popaja8/14/2013Prairie State Legal ServicesGroup requesting list of housing charges for Winnebago and Boone Counties and copy of complaint8/27/2013
Corkill8/12/2013n/aIndividual requesting list of charges filed by Dian Gianfrancisco aka Diana Gianfrancisco, Diana Williams or Dian Williams8/19/2013
Flores8/5/2013Board of Ed - city of chicagoRP requesting copy of EEOC files - 440-2013-01990/440-2013-03907 - Weiter v Chicago Board of Ed8/12/2013
Walsh8/1/2013Law Office of William M WalshPrivate atty contract information for Janus Management Holdings Corp - public contract # 133731008/6/2013
O'Donnell7/29/2013Jackson Lewis LLPRP requesting copy of EEOC file - 560-2012-004258/5/2013
Alkhaus7/20/2013katten Muchin requesting copy of files - Sparks v Sodexo 2013ca3007 and Sparks v Chicago Bears Football Club 2013ca3008 - 8/6/2013
Rote7/17/2013Delaney Law PCRP atty requesting copy of EEOC file 440-2011-04012 - Gast v Kane County Sheriff7/24/2013
Kolic7/8/2013The Women's Legal Defense and Ed FundParty requesting list of discrimination charges filed related to pregnancy 2000 - 20137/15/2013
Horneker7/5/2013Ogletree Deakins atty requesting copy of file Slayton v. Feralloy Corp - 2013SF31027/12/2013
Popaja7/5/2013Prairie State Legal ServicesGroup requesting list of housing charges and investigation reports filed in various zip codes in Illinois7/19/2013
Jackson7/3/2013Chicago TribuneReporter requesting list of charges filed against 12 temporary staffing agencies7/22/2013
Eber6/26/2013Seyfarth ShawRP requesting copy of documents related to EEOC file 440-2013-00760 Simkus v. United Airlines7/3/2013
Horwitch6/26/2013Tabet Divito atty requesting copy of file for EEOC charge 440-2010-05629 Molburg v Patrick Haley Mansion7/2/2013
Munro6/24/2013Equal Rights AdvocatesGroup requesting list of charges related to pregnancy 2000 -20137/10/2013
McGreal6/11/2013n/aRequesting copies of charges filed against Tiffany & Company from January 2008 - May 20136/18/2013
McGreal6/11/2013n/aRequesting copy of file regarding Derek Blue v Tiffany and Company - 2011CF25066/18/2013
Hunsaker6/7/2013Ogletree DeakinsRP atty requesting copy of DHR file - Shipley v Burger King - EEOC charge # 440-2010-034706/13/2013
Kircher5/31/2013Seyfarth ShawRP requesting copy of file - Arezo v Devry University - 2012CF29826/4/2013
McKenzie5/31/2013ComplainantComplainant requesting copies of files related to charges filed by her and son, Jermiah McKenzie.6/4/2013
Robinson5/31/2013ComplainantCP requesting list of charges filed against SDI Security Inc. for the years 1980 - 20136/4/2013
Schorsch5/31/2013Crain's Chicago BusinessHealth Reporter from Crain's Chicago Business requesting information on charge filed by Brett Ohlfs v Advocate5/31/2013
Robinson5/23/2013CommUnity Diversity GroupRequesting a list of charges filed against LaGrange, LaGrange Park, and LaGrange Highlands, IL5/31/2013
Weems5/22/2013Law Offices of Matthew WeemsPrivate atty requesting list of charges filed april 20, 2013 - may 31, 2013 for commercial purposes6/4/2013
Robinson5/21/2013ComplainantCP requesting copy of charge filed by Vicente Cortes v Standard Parking - 2013CF25385/28/2013
Graham5/16/2013Jackson Lewi LLPRP requesting copy of EEOC file - John E. Haven v Palmer House- EEOC charge - 846-2009-382615/23/2013
Pitulla5/16/2013Condo Association MemberCondo association member requesting copy of file for member Robert Carmody v Lago Vista Master Homeowners' Assoc., Inc - 2012CH24765/23/2013
Crowell5/15/2013Webb SandersRP requesting documents related to EEOC charge Terri Ewert v Medifax-EDI - 440-2012-008375/22/2013
Rollinson5/15/2013Ogletree DeakinsRP requesting copy of documents related to EEOC charge Marla Koentop v JP Morgan Chase Bank - 440- 2012- 056395/22/2013
Perron5/13/2013Perron Law FirmCP atty requesting copy of file - Richard Wilson v Firstsource Advantage LLC - 2013SA03495/20/2013
DeRosa5/7/2013Ogletree DeakinsRP requesting documents related to EEOC charge Gergana Gencheva v McGladrey LLP5/13/2013
Rorenfeld5/7/2013Claremont North Condo Assoc.Requesting IDHR organizational chart for chicago office5/7/2013
Metz5/6/2013WalgreensRP requesting list of charges filed by Ellen Catledge - january 1, 2000 to date5/13/2013
Caston4/29/2013InmatePaul Caston requesting "New Arrest and Conviction Guidelines and a list of Arrest and Conviction charges5/13/2013
Robinson4/29/2013ComplainantCP requesting list of charges filed against Standard Parking and Mercy Hospital - 2011- 20135/13/2013
Wasson4/29/2013Morgan LewisRP requesting copies of documents related to EEOC charge Stokes v John Deere Group-846-2011-439095/6/2013
Pratt4/26/2013Chicago TribuneRequested status on Rosillo v Tinley Park charges and any other charges filed against Village - Jan. 2011 to 20134/26/2013
Geslewitz4/22/2013Much ShelistAtty requesting copies of any and all charges filed by Monae Stewart4/29/2013
Weems4/19/2013Law OfficePrivate atty requesting list of charges filed february 13, 2013 - april 19, 20135/3/2013
Joerling-Leonard4/15/2013Husch BlackwellRP requesting documents related to EEOC charge Patrick Long v Southern Illinios University at Edwardsville - 560-2012-014524/22/2013
Kearbey4/15/2013Bryan CaveRP requesting documents related to Adrian Harris v Cooper B-Line, Machinist No. 9 and Wayne Heinze - 560-2013-004914/22/2013
Caston4/12/2013InmateInmate requesting copies of Department policies4/23/2013
Robinson4/8/2013CommUnity Diversity GroupGroup requesting list of public accomodation charges filed in LaGrange, IL4/15/2013
Muzzy3/27/2013Jacobs Burns Orlove & HernandezRP requesting documents related to EEOC charge Mark Richardson v CTA - 440-2012-053254/3/2013
Patterson3/22/2013InmateInmate Shawn Patterson requesting copies of Laws implimented (sic) this yr january 20133/28/2013
Powell3/22/2013n/aRequesting various DHR documents regarding transactions through CMS4/5/2013
Applegate3/19/2013n/aCP requesting list of charges filed agaist Sacred Heart Hospital for years 2006 - 20133/28/2013
Esposito3/18/2013Chicago SuntimesRequested status of Tony Bennett v Rainbow PUSH3/18/2013
Williams3/14/2013Thompson & Coburn LLPAtty requesting EEOC/DHR cross file - Clark v. Metro East Industries, Inc.3/21/2013
Williams3/14/2013Thompson Coburn LLPAtty requesting EEOC/DHR cross file - Sanders v Metro East Industries, Inc.3/21/2013
Williams3/14/2013Thompson Coburn LLPAtty requesting copy of EEOC/DHR cross file - Ferrell v Metro East Industries3/21/2013
Porter3/12/2013n/aAtty for Fashion Nails & Spa - requesting list of charges filed by Patricia Baxter3/12/2013
Lewis3/11/2013Vedder PriceRP atty requesting EEOC/DHR cross file - Jubentino v. Veolia Environment Services3/15/2013
Henke3/8/2013Hesse MartoneRP requesting copy of EEOC/DHR cross file - Dane v Laura Buick GMC3/15/2013
Boorse3/4/2013Springfield Enterprises, Inc.RP requesting copies of DHR Technical Adv positions3/18/2013
Boorse3/4/2013Springfield EnterprisesRP requesting various IDHR documents related to procedures3/18/2013
Gaffney3/4/2013Law OfficesAtty wants list of charges filed against Jewel Food Stores and its subsidiaries3/11/2013
Troy2/25/2013Seyfarth ShawAtty requesting copy of EEOC/DHR cross file - Trotter v United Airlines3/5/2013
Weems2/13/2013The Law Offices of Matthew P. WeemsRequesting list of charges filed in Chicago Office January 14, 2013 - February 14, 2013 with contact information2/26/2013
Winters2/1/2013Littler MendelsonRP requesting IDHR/EEOC file 2/8/2013
Penman1/29/2013n/aCP requesting copy of IDHR file regarding his charge2/8/2013
Weaver1/28/2013Macy's Law Dept. 611 Olive Street 10th floorRequesting EEOC file2/4/2013
Weaver1/28/2013Macy'sAtty for Macy's requesting copy of EEOC file - Linkeman v. Macy's2/4/2013
Hunsaker1/23/2013OlgetreeRp requesting copy of file - charge filed directly at EEOC- IDHR has not recd determination 1/29/2013
Boorse1/19/2013Springfield EnterprisesRequestor wants copies of IDHR staff salaries and number of cases filed 2002 - 20132/5/2013
Lewis1/14/2013AFSCMEList of charges filed against various entities for the past 3 years1/28/2013
Weems1/14/2013Law Offices of Matthew P. WeemsCopies of charges filed in Chicago Office 12/24/2012 - 1/14/20131/28/2013
Gilbert1/9/2013Scott M. Gilbert, Esq.RP atty requesting copy of IDHR file - which is open/pending investigation1/16/2013
Jackson1/8/2013Shefsky & FroelichRequesting EEOC referred file Vasich v City of Chicago1/16/2013
Robinson12/28/2012ComplainantRequesting copy of charged filed against Mercy Hospital1/7/2013
Hettinga12/18/2012Quarles & BradyCP atty requesting copy of IDHR file1/14/2013
Munro11/26/2012Equal Rights AdvocatesFOIA request, charges filed by pregnant peace officers and firefighters from 2007 to date.12/10/2012
Zimmerman11/21/2012n/aIllinois Department of Human Rights ('IDHR") handbook. 11/27/2012
Baker11/20/2012Jones DayLondza Allen V. Citgo Petroleum Corp. & United Steelworkers Local 7-517.11/29/2012
Lebowitz11/20/2012Baker & Hosteler LLPJanette Lopez V. Cardinal Health11/29/2012
Cerven11/12/2012Barnes & Thornburg LLPFreedom of Information Act Request: George David V. Walmart Stores, Inc. IDHR Control No: 100804050, EEOC Charge No: 44020090464111/19/2012
Beynon11/9/2012Visiting Angels Rolling MeadowsCopies of charges filed by Leslie S. Kamin a/k/a Leslie Kamin.11/28/2012
Dinkel11/1/2012Koehler & Passarelli, LLCFOIA Request: IDHR/EEOC Work-Sharing Agreement for 2012-201311/7/2012
Dubley11/1/2012n/aFOIA REQUEST regarding copies of findings regarding Complainant Deborah A. Dudley V. Bellwood School District #88.11/19/2012
Dubley11/1/2012n/aCopies of findings regarding Complainant Deborah A. Dudley V. Bellwood School District #88.11/19/2012
Feldman10/29/2012Feldman Law Offices, Ltd.Charges filed against Cardinal Health 200 LLC, d/b/a/ Cardinal Health as of 1/1/2010.11/5/2012
Robinson10/23/2012n/aList of charges filed against Mercy Hospital for the years 1980-2012.11/7/2012
Robinson10/19/2012n/aList of charges filed against Standard Parking Corporation and Standard Parking from 1980-2012.10/26/2012
Staeger10/17/2012WCIA-TVReceipts and expense report for all office furniture purchased by the agency in FY'11 and FY'12. 10/24/2012
Gornall10/9/2012Chicago District OfficeInformation on UPP Technology Inc.10/12/2012
Wells10/9/2012PantagraphCopies of charges filed against Bloomington-Normal Public Transportation a/k/a Connect Transit in 2011 and 2012.10/15/2012
Ballard10/8/2012Hinshaw & Culbertson LLPEEOC Charge No.:846-2012-4639210/15/2012
Franklin10/8/2012The Franklin Law Firm LLCAll charges filed against Pipesfitters Union Local 497 between 1/1/00 and the present.10/17/2012
Franklin10/8/2012The Franklin Law Firm LLCEEOC Charge No.:440-2009-0079210/15/2012
Franklin10/8/2012The Franklin Law Firm LLCFreedom of Information Act Request. Samuel clark(210-2005-02862), Duane Porter(210-2004-047080),Ronald Boule(440-2009-03546), Steven Wilson(210-2005-02858), Anthony Moore(210-2004-04075), Donald Gayles(210-2004-04707), Ricky Brown(440-2007-06432).10/15/2012
Mallory10/4/2012The Williams InstituteStatistics for Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity charges.10/17/2012
Anderson10/1/2012Fullet Rosenlund Anderson PCFreedom of Information Act Request regarding Wendy Morgan.10/9/2012
Hatch10/1/2012Statesville Correctional CenterCopies of finding, conclusions, statements, documents in relation to the above-named Control number.9/5/2012
Mita9/26/2012Littler Mendelson P.C.Freedom of Information Act Request IDHR Charge No.:2012CR333210/3/2012
Lehet9/5/2012Littler Mendelson P.C.IDHR Charge No.: 2012CR26269/12/2012
Byrd9/4/2012Civic Advocacy & Action GroupWorkforce Statistics for 2008-20129/11/2012
Zamudio8/28/2012The Chicago ReporterSexual Harassment claims for 2007-2011.9/14/2012
Dolph8/24/2012Seyfarth Shaw LLPCopy of IDHR Control No.: 121116-0188/31/2012
Dolph8/24/2012Seyfarth Shaw LLPCopy of IDHR Control No: 0907100/090429008/09021801/1010191148/31/2012
Ems8/14/2012Husch Blackwell LLPCopy of EEOC Charge No.: 560-2011-014298/21/2012
Manek8/14/2012Barron's MagazineCopies of charges filed against CME Group and National Futures Association (NFA).8/21/2012
Lebowitz8/13/2012Baker & Hostetler LLPCopy of EEOC Charge No.: 440-2012-007848/22/2012
Lebowitz8/13/2012Baker & Hosteler LLPCopy of the IDHR Control No.: 120123-0358/22/2012
Holtzman8/7/2012Pedersen & HouptA copy of the complaint filed on behalf of Anndrea M. Perkins against Duane Morris LLC.8/9/2012
Holtzman8/7/2012Pedersen & HouptDocuments regarding charge number: 2003CF28186/10/2011
Loury8/2/2012The Better Government AssociationCopies of charges filed against the Housing Authority of Cook County.8/8/2012
Frank8/1/2012Bryce Downey & Lenkov LLCCopy of EEOC Charge No.:440-2010-064118/7/2012
Robinson8/1/2012n/aCopies of charges filed against Standard Parking Corporation by four complainants.8/8/2012
Robinson8/1/2012n/aCopies of charges filed against Standard Parking Corporation by four Complainants.8/8/2012
Doermer7/13/2012NBC 5 ChicagoCopies of documents sufficient to show how long DHR employees/users accessed each of the following websites from January 1, 2012 until present day: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.7/16/2012
Malkovich7/13/2012The Southern IllinoisanCopy of IDHR Charge No.:2011SF40027/16/2012
McCauley6/28/2012n/aList of charges filed against City of Chicago Department.7/11/2012
Robinson6/27/2012n/aList of charges against J.C. Penny7/11/2012
Robinson6/27/2012n/aList of charges filed against JcPenny.7/11/2012
Tinaglia6/25/2012n/aIDHR Control No.:0810290497/2/2012
Poole6/29/2010State Journal RegisterReporter requesting copy of Complaint for Williams v City of Springfield/CWLP7/6/2010
Abner6/23/2010ComplainantCP requesting list of charges similar to his against SOI, Dept of Transportation6/30/2010
Cahnman6/22/2010Attorney at LawRequesting copy of Williams v City of Springfield complaint6/29/2010
Fitzgerald6/16/2010Belleville News-DemocratReporter requesting copies of notice of charge letters for numerous charges filed against St. Clair County IGD6/23/2010
Ratz6/16/2010Attorney General's OfficeAtty General Joshua Ratz requested copy of current IDHR/EEOC worksharing agreement6/23/2010
Renken6/16/2010Greensfelder, Hemker requesting copy of IDHR file for Muhammad v BP6/16/2010
Leeper6/15/2010ComplainantCP wants list of charges filed against Verizon in Schaumburg, IL from 2003-20106/22/2010
Dever6/10/2010ComplainantCP requesting list of charges similar to his charge against ECOLAB since 19916/17/2010
Suputthamongkol6/8/2010ComplainantCp requesting copy of eeoc referred file6/15/2010
Nile6/6/2010IndividualRequestor wants IDHR to provide documentation whether any party has filed a discriminatin charge against him or named him in a charge6/11/2010
Palowski6/1/2010MBT LLPRP requesting copy of IDHR file for eeoc referred charge6/8/2010
Hatzidakis5/25/2010Maduff & MaduffCP atty requesting copy of file for Boyd v Corinthian Colleges, Inc.6/4/2010
Glogovac5/19/2010McBreatly, Hart & KellyRP's attorney requesting copy of IDHR file5/24/2010
Zito5/19/2010Jordan Kowal et. al.Requestor wants list of charges file by Lillette Porter from 1990-20105/26/2010
Weiss5/18/2010Weiss & AssociatesRP attorney requesting copies of files for Care Centers, Inc. Extended Care Consulting, Extended Care Management5/24/2010
Anderson5/11/2010ComplainantCP in charge requesting fact-finding conference notes5/13/2010
Lynch5/6/2010KMOX RadioRequesting copy of housing discrimination complaint for Stewart v Strano Realty5/12/2010
Johnson-Griffin5/3/2010Illinois Policy InstituteParty requesting copies of Performance Evaluations for all current IDHR employees5/10/2010
Seck4/28/2010Fisher PhillipsRP requesting copy of IDHR file for Owensby v Interstate Brands5/5/2010
Maddali4/27/2010Mexican American Defense Ed. Fund/MALDEFMALDEF requesting policies regarding the provision of services to individuals with limited English proficiency5/4/2010
Norris4/27/2010Franczek RadeletRP requesting copy of IDHR file regarding Thorton v At&T5/4/2010
Wentz4/21/2010Brooks, Tarulis, Schaffer & TibbleRequesting copies of charges filed by Oresicia Crego aka Oresica Courtney5/27/2010
Dube4/16/2010Polsinelli & ShughartRespondent requesting copy of EEOC referred charge4/20/2010
Halick4/13/2010Millennium InvestigationsRequesting info on Richard A. Henquinet3/17/2010
Robinson4/13/2010ConstituitePerson requesting any and all charges filed against PLS Financial et.al4/20/2010
Bennett4/9/2010RespondentRespondent in charge is requesting a copy of file4/15/2010
Convery4/9/2010Laner MuchinRequesting copy of file for Skach v Chicago Zoological Society, case open/pending investigation5/3/2010
Falb4/6/2010Williamson, Webster, Falb & GilsonRespondent requesting copy of Debra Frakes file4/14/2010
McGreal3/31/2010RespondentMr McGreal was named in the charge Frainey v. Village of Alsip - he requested copy of the file4/7/2010
Stuhldreher3/31/2010Meyer & WhiteRP's atty requesting copy of IDHR file4/9/2010
Perrero3/26/2010Il Emergency Management AgencyEmployee requesting copyof IDHR training material - Sexual Harassemnt Prevention - What Every Manager Should Know4/9/2010
Perrero3/26/2010Illinois Emergency Management AgencyCurrent employee wants copy of IDHR training material presented to IEMA in March 2010 by IDHR trainer4/9/2010
Robinson3/23/2010ComplainantRequesting list of complaints filed against PLS Check Casher's, PLS Financial and PLS loan store from 2000- 20103/30/2010
Todd3/18/2010Ogletree, Deakins & NashRequesting EEOC charge cross-filed with IDHR Jackson v Clarkson Eyecare3/23/2010
Grimes3/16/2010Effingham Daily NewsRequesting copy of complaint filed by Ed Hoopingarner v Effingham County Board3/23/2010
Parisi3/15/2010ComplainantCp is requesting fact-finding conf notes from IDHR file Parisi v Cintas #7693/22/2010
Weems3/15/2010Law OfficeRequesting list of complaints filed for March 2010 including addresses3/22/2010
Allaband3/12/2010Drinker, Biddle & Reath LLPRequesting copies of 3 EEOC files crossed filed with IDHR3/19/2010
Lynch3/10/2010RadioRequesting copy of charge related to Antone/Carla Stewart v. Strano Realty3/17/2010
Berryman2/16/2010private citizenIndividual requesting any and all public records for Velda Ann Arthur, Velda A. Arthur, Velda Ann Berryman, Velda A. Berryman or Velda Berryman2/23/2010
Rosenthal2/16/2010Schopf & Weiss LLPRp requesting copies of 10 IDHR files Phillips v Guardsmark, LLC - 4 of which are open/pending investigation2/23/2010
Rosenthal2/16/2010Schopt & WeissCopy of files regarding Suritis v. Guardsmark, LLC3/12/2010
Weems2/16/2010AttorneyAttorney Weems requesting list of Idhr complaints for month of Feb 2010 including addresses and telephone numbers3/1/2010
Kehrer2/8/2010Democratic Senatorial Campaign CommitteeLetters, reports and requests from U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk2/17/2010
Maddali2/8/2010Mexican American Defense and Educational FundRequesting copies of EEOC worksharing agreement for last 3 years - HUD worksharing agreement for last 3 years and any other agreements2/17/2010
Mehner2/5/2010Northwestern UniversityStudent requesting Foia log for december 20092/16/2010
Hunsaker2/2/2010Ogletree Deakins et alRequesting EEOC files for Cynthia Tretter v Michales Stores, Inc. 560-2009-02660 and 560-2009-031852/9/2010
Vlackos1/25/2010Lawrence, Morris & MeldonadoAttorney requesting info on Jessica Calderon - whether she any other charges at IDHR - other than Subway and Subash Patel2/1/2010
Dai1/21/2010StudentStudent requesting info on charges filed by Mr. Turner (sic) against Northwestern University1/28/2010
Jackson1/21/2010StudentStudent requesting info on charges filed by Richard Schwiderski, Sharon J. Lang, and Keith Edmund1/28/2010
Campana1/5/2010The Beacon NewsRequesting documents for any and all charges filed against Kane County Government and/or Kane County Coroner's Office from January 1, 2005-December 31, 20091/12/2010
Kinser12/31/2009Behr, McCarter 7 PotterAtty for RP requesting copy of IDHR file for Latika Ward v Red Bud Nursing Home - 550-2008-000931/12/2010
Lerch12/28/2009Cuisinier, Farahvar & BensonAtty requesting copy of clients EEOC files - Susan Tomas1/7/2010
Bryant12/24/2009ComplainantComplainant requesting copies of documents concerning his file1/6/2010
Sbert12/14/2009Jackson Lewis LLPCopy of IDHR file - no file available - cp has not submitted notarized charge to date12/1/2009
Saiger12/11/2009Jackson & Lewis LLPCopy of 3 EEOC files for Mangrum v Greyhound Lines, Inc.12/22/2009
Starck12/2/2009Meachum & StarckRequesting any and all charges filed by Renee Howell-Collins f/k/a Renee Howell a/k/a Renee Taylor12/11/2009
Girresch11/24/2009Belleville News-DemocratReporter wants copy of complaint filed by Antone Stewart v. Strano Realty12/7/2009
Donohue11/20/2009Popovits & RobinsonRequestor wants number of charges filed, name of party and status of each for William Spivey12/3/2009
Donohue11/20/2009Popovits & RobinsonRequesting the number and status of charges filed by William Spivey12/1/2009
Sbert11/18/2009Jackson Lewis LLPRep for Respondent requesting copy of IDHR file for Kassab v. Medical Staffing Network, Inc.12/1/2009
Evans11/13/2009Mobile DoctorsRequesting names, address and phone numbers of two medical facilities - Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility and Portable X-Ray Company11/24/2009
Lester11/12/2009Daily Herald Staff WriterRequesting party wants copy of complaint filed by CP Antonio Solis v. Elgin Area School Dist. U46 - 2009CA324611/23/2009
Barry11/10/2009CitizenRequestor wants info on employee rights - claims that her current employer is divulging her address etc to employees without her consent11/20/2009
Muehling11/10/2009Fisher & Phillips LLPRequestor asking for copy of 2007 IDHR/EEOC worksharing agreement11/20/2009
Singh10/29/2009Northwestern UniversityRequestor wants copy of all foia's recd by the Department for FY08 and FY09 including requestor's names or affiliated organizations/institutions, subjects of requests, and statuses of requests11/9/2009
Stern10/23/2009ThomsonReutersAny and all charges filed against bars and clubs in the Rush/Division Street area for last five years for denying entry. Original Mother's, Mother's Too, The Lodge Tavern, Butch Mcguire's, Shenannigans House of Beer, Pippin's Tavern, McFadden's Rest/Saloon, The Cedar Hotel, Le Passage, P.J. Clark's, Bootleggers, The Loft, Finn McCool's, The Whiskey Bar & Grill, Backroom, Beer, Tavern on Rush, Level, Luxbar and Leg Room11/3/2009
Lynch10/13/2009KMOX RadioReporter requesting copy of charge of discrimination for open/pending case Antone and Carla Stewart v Strano Realty - 09SH4224 and Holly Norton10/21/2009
Bortnick10/7/2009Ogletree Deakins Nash et. alRequesting copy of EEOC file Lazarus v Rides Mass Transit Dist. - 440-2009-0374710/19/2009
Johnson10/6/2009Edwards Angell Palmer & DodgeRequesting EEOC file 440-2009-06286, Grant v PNC10/16/2009
Barker10/1/2009The Bureau County RepublicanAny and all sexual harrassment charges filed against Terry Gutshall, Supt of the Bureau Valley High School in Manlius10/13/2009
Washington9/28/2009noneCopy of IDHR Organizational chart10/7/2009
Girresch9/15/2009The Belleville News-DemocratAny and all info on pending charge Stewart v Strano 2009SH42249/22/2009
Morris9/9/2009Law Offices of Johanna J. Raimond Ltd.All quarterly reports, cover letters and supporting materials for Illinois State Police for 2005 – 20089/18/2009
Morris9/9/2009Law Offices of Johanna Raimond Ltd.Quarterly reports for State Police 20099/18/2009
Saiger9/8/2009Jackson Lewis LLPCopy of IDHR file for EEOC referred Charge No. Elbert v. Norman Mars, #440-2009-040449/16/2009

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