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Proposed Rules & Pending Legislation 


IDHR’s January 2015 Regulatory Agenda includes four proposed emergency and standard administrative rulemaking proposals focused upon cost-savings measures: 

  • an increase in the types of vendors requiring Public Contracts registration fees;
  • shortening of Public Contracts renewal periods;
  • expansion of travel requirements for Fact-Finding Conferences; and
  • scaled increase of Training Institute fees and costs.

IDHR is advancing and responding to a number of pending legislative proposals before the Illinois General Assembly, some of which will be sent to the Governor for signature and enactment.

If you have specific questions regarding the proposed administrative rulemaking, please contact the Chief Legal Counsel/Ethics Officer, Ngozi C. Okorafor at (312) 814-6262.

Procedures of the Department of Human Rights

[56 Ill. Adm. Code] (Filed July 10, 2015)
[56 Ill. Adm. Code] (Filed July 17, 2015)


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