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Institute for Training and Development 

Dear Client:

The Illinois Department of Human Rights’ (IDHR) Institute for Training and Development conducts valuable trainings to organizations and companies throughout Illinois designed to increase respect among diverse cultures both in the workplace and at home.

Law Scales

These life skills and self-assessment trainings aim to provide timely and accurate information with respect to federal and state laws regarding fair employment practices; ways to resolve conflict; and requirements for non-discrimination.  Much, if not all of what is learned in class has practical applications in terms of how we interact and cope in our culturally diverse society.

IDHR Training Institute participants will be instructed on employer obligations under the Illinois Human Rights Act, as well as applicable rules and regulations promulgated by this statute.  Training participants are guided through real-life scenarios to aid in understanding the application of the law in more pragmatic terms.  In addition, valuable resource materials including publications and handouts are supplied for the purposes of independent study and on-the-job reference tools.

All trainings, workshops and seminars offered by the IDHR Institute for Training and Development are interactive and appropriate for private sector, local, state and federal government employers.  Our certified trainers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of non-discrimination.  The training curricula are constantly updated to reflect the most current information and changes in the law.

How to arrange training for your organization

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming trainings, or if you have 35 or more people to be trained and would like us to come out to train you at your facility please contact us by calling 312/814-2477.  If you’d prefer, you can Request More Information Via Email.

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