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The online work disability survey process is a joint project of the Departments of Human Rights, Human Services, Central Management Services, the Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities, and other state agencies such as the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the Illinois Department of Employment Security, and the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

The purpose of the survey is twofold; 1) For Affirmative Action purposes, to give employees an opportunity to identify whether they have disabilities, and 2) to determine whether emergency evacuation assistance is needed.  Safety personnel will be provided with the names of employees needing evacuation assistance.

The Disability Survey is intended for full-time state employees only.  Contractors, temporary employees, emergency hires, retirees working up to 75 days and all others who are not eligible for Group Insurance are not included and do not have access to take this survey.

The State keeps track of the number of employees with work disabilities who choose to voluntarily disclose this information to comply with the affirmative action requirements in the Human Rights Act. To that end, the state has developed a brief survey. You are invited to respond to this questionnaire. All information provided is voluntary, however you must click the “Submit Survey” button to send your answers to the State of Illinois or click the “Skip Survey” button to indicate receipt and acknowledge that you elect not to participate in the survey. Refusal to provide disability-related information will not subject you to any adverse treatment. Any information provided will be accorded confidentiality and will be used in compliance with state and federal Equal Opportunity Non-Discrimination laws.

After making yourself familiar with the information provided on this page please click on the login button below to begin the survey.

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