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Ada S. McKinley Community Services and Hartgrove Hospital 


A Use Case For ILHIE Direct

Margo Roethlisberger, VP of Program Operations in Behavioral Health and Clinical Services at Ada S. McKinley Community Services in Chicago signed up for an ILHIE Direct Secure Messaging account. Ada S. McKinley has an EHR system, and all clients’ records are electronic. Why then would Margo be interested in utilizing ILHIE Direct?

Although Ada S. McKinley has an EHR, many of the organizations and hospitals it works with on a regular basis do not. These entities still send critical clinical patient information via fax or on paper in the US mail to Ada S. McKinley.

Margo explained, “We see over 300 behavioral health clients a month. All the paper coming in was overwhelming. Receiving paper discharge summaries and transition of care summaries via fax and mail were of little to no value. By the time the paper was received, scanned and placed in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR), the patient had already been seen by clinical staff”. Roethlisberger added, “The organization also employs someone who scans all paper records, places the records in patient’s EHRs and then shreds the paper. It is simply not efficient.

Today with ILHIE Direct, Margo receives these vital patient medical histories from Hartgrove Hospital securely (in compliance with HIPAA and state law) and electronically in real time. Histories are immediately saved and attached to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) and clinical staff can review the records prior to or at the time of care.”

Margo encouraged Hartgrove Hospital in Chicago, IL (providing psychiatric treatment for adults, teens and children), a frequent communication partner, to sign up for ILHIE Direct. Hartgrove Hospital can now securely send information to Ada S. McKinley well before patients arrive for services. “Now a psychiatrist can review the client’s medication history at the time of service. It is an amazing benefit that adds to better coordination of care, safety and outcomes for clients” adds Roethlisberger.

Margo plans to let her colleagues in other clinical areas of Ada S. McKinley know about ILHIE Direct so they can benefit from a secure, HIPAA-compliant, ILHIE Direct email address.

Are you a licensed Illinois health care provider? Click here to visit the ILHIE Direct homepage, where you can learn much more and register for your no-cost ILHIE Direct secure email address today. More than 500 providers are currently registered with ILHIE Direct, including primary care, long term care, and behavioral health providers, hospitals, FQHCs, and a wide array of specialty practices. Register now and receive your account information within days.

ILHIE Direct Benefits

  • Organizations with EHRs can receive confidential, electronic patient clinical data from organizations without EHRs 
  • Messages arrive in real time allowing for better informed treatment plans
  • Improves coordination of care and care transitions
  • Saves staff time
  • Saves paper and paper storage space
  • Offered at no cost through June 2013
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Simple as sending an email with an attachment
  • Direct message notification email alerts are sent to an ILHIE Direct registrant’s existing email account
  • Each ILHIE Direct message can contain attachments of up to 30 megabytes, which is generally three times larger than standard email allows