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ILHIE Connect Pricing 

This service allows providers to access comprehensive, up to date patient medical information. Patient health records are aggregated and consolidated from multiple provider sources. 
  • First Year Subscription: $195*
  • Estimated Year 2 Subscription Fee: $170
  • Estimated Year 3 Subscription Fee: $155
  • Estimated Year 4 Subscription Fee: $145 

ILHIE Connect is also subject to on-boarding fees, which will be developed upon consultation with the ILHIE technology team.

*Pricing is per provider, but with each provider subscription you are eligible for up to 6 additional accounts for support staff at no additional charge. The ILHIE is fully committed to maximizing Federal & State contributions to the network to further reduce fees.

Contact Frank Kisner at or 312-814-1254 for questions and additional information.