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ILHIE Trust Community and Terms & Conditions 


ILHIE Trust Community

The ILHIE Direct Secure Messaging Solution (“ILHIE Direct”) is a service of the Illinois Health Information Exchange (“ILHIE”) created to provide secure transmissions of patients’ protected health information (“PHI”) between licensed Illinois health care providers. Participants in this service have had their identities verified by a notary public and their federal credentials (NPI) and Illinois professional licenses verified. The authentication and identity process ensures that all participants of the ILHIE Direct are actual providers of health care in Illinois with legitimate professional reasons to exchange PHI. ILHIE specifically designed ILHIE Direct to incorporate industry standards for security control that are in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Both ILHIE and its service provider, Inpriva, are also accredited members of, an independent non-profit trade association created by and for participants in the Direct community, our common goal being to establish and maintain a national Security and Trust Framework in support of Direct exchange.

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