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ILHIE Direct Use Cases 

Examples of how ILHIE Direct can be used in your every day practice to exchange clinical information and achieve Meaningful Use: 


A Primary Care Physician sends an email with a referral along with all necessary patient information and lab results to a Surgeon.

Transition of Care

A family physician sends an email with a Treatment Summary of a patient to a Long Term care facility when the patient is admitted.

Response to a Request From Another Provider

A Cardiologist is seeing a patient and needs more detailed history than the patient can provide. In response to the request from the Cardiologist, the patient’s physician can send the history via an email instead of a lengthy paper fax.

Transmitting a Color Image

A dermatologist or ophthalmologist needs to transmit a color image to another provider for a consultation. The image cannot be sent via fax because it needs to be viewed in full color. Standard email is not an option because it is non-HIPAA compliant and the size of the file is too large. Instead of having to pay a courier service to deliver the image, the image can be sent instantly and at no cost, via ILHIE Direct.

Achieve Clinical Exchange Core Measure for Meaningful Use

A Gerontologist sends test data using ILHIE Direct to another provider with an ILHIE Direct address or to the Illinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE), and successfully demonstrates a test of electronic exchange of clinical information for Meaningful Use.

Behavioral Health Referrals and Transitions

A Real ILHIE Direct Use Case: Margo Roethlisberger, VP of Program Operations in Behavioral Health and Clinical Services at Ada S. McKinley Community Services in Chicago signed up for an ILHIE Direct Secure Messaging account. The organization has an electronic health records (EHR) system, and all clients’ records are electronic. Yet many of the organizations and hospitals Ada works with on a regular basis do not have EHR systems in place, and even ones that are fully electronic often cannot share records outside their practices. As a result, Ada S. McKinley is often sent critical clinical patient information via fax or on paper through the US mail. Margo explains “the paper is overwhelming and by the time it’s received it’s of little to no value.” Click here to read the full use case.