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ILHIE Services - Public Health Direct 

Meaningful use requires the electronic submission of Public Health data. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has adopted a simplified process to enable the submission of immunization data to I-CARE that satisfies meaningful use criteria. Eligible Professionals (EP’s) can now submit Immunization records to I-CARE by sending an ILHIE Direct message. (Note: this applies to Eligible Professionals only. For information on public health reporting for hospitals please click here)

Here are the five simple steps:

  1. Email ILHIE at to express your interest in public health reporting through ILHIE Direct.
  2. Register for an ILHIE Direct address by visiting and clicking the link to sign up (if you already have an ILHIE Direct address you do not need an additional one for public health reporting).
  3. Register with I-CARE by visiting 
  4. Register your intent to submit public health data for meaningful use by visitng
  5. Send a test message using your ILHIE Direct address (do not send via regular email) to IDPH at

Questions or Concerns? Please contact us at or call 312-814-1866.

Additional ILHIE Direct and Public Health Reporting Information