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ILHIE Services - ILHIE Connect 

ILHIE Connect is A Secure Electronic Patient Health Record Request and Retrieval Service

As the primary service of the Illinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE); ILHIE Connect is a secure, aggregated, patient health record request and retrieval transport network. Before or at time of care, ILHIE Connect allows providers to request and receive encrypted, up-to-date patient medical information. At the request of a provider, in just moments the available health records are aggregated from multiple provider sources including primary care, hospitals, specialists and others, and returned to the requesting provider. Records can include patient diagnoses, medications, allergies, lab and image reports, discharge summaries and more. ILHIE Connect simplifies care management by filling in communication gaps in the continuum of care, keeping all members connected.

Follow the four steps below to begin connecting:

  1. Complete this ILHIE Technical Readiness Questionnaire to confirm that your EHR system meets the necessary requirements.
  • Complete the Questionnaire, and scan/email to Frank Kisner at Frank will contact you shortly thereafter to set up a consultation with the ILHIE IT Team.
  1. Review ILHIE Connect prices and choose a plan that meets the needs of your organization.

Additional ILHIE Connect Resources

  • ILHIE Connect Data Sharing Agreement (pdf)
  • ILHIE Connect Demonstration - Click the link to watch Dr. Demo, an authorized ILHIE user, access his patient Jane’s up-to-date, cumulative health record before she arrives for her appointment. See as he reviews her medications, lab results and more, providing him a full picture of her health and medical history. This allows him to make better informed care decisions and to spend more one-on-one time with Jane talking about why she came to see him.