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ILHIE Services, Steps to Connect - Integrated Direct 

Integrated Direct is an EHR-Integrated Secure Messaging Solution 

With Integrated Direct you can sign into your EHR and exchange data with anyone both within and outside your EHR system such as: physician practices, hospitals, health centers, other health care entities and patients. Use Integrated Direct to extend your communications network. Just sign into your EHR and send secure messages with attachments such as continuity of care, transfer of care, referrals and lab images.

Follow the three steps below to sign up for Integrated Direct. If you already have an ILHIE Direct account, simply review item 1 and then contact Frank Kisner to discuss integration:  
  1. View this Integrated Direct Technical Readiness Information to confirm that your EHR system meets the necessary requirements for ILHIE Direct integration.
  2. Review ILHIE Direct prices and decide on a plan that meets your organization's needs.
    • Fees are same per mailbox as ILHIE Direct. As every EHR system has its own unique characteristics, contact Frank Kisner at or 312-814-1254 to schedule a consultation with our expert IT team to facilitate a seamless integration.
    • Integrated Direct requires an on-boarding fee, which will be determined upon consultation. 
  3. Visit and click the link to sign up. All Integrated Direct users also have access to regular, web-based ILHIE Direct. After registering for your ILHIE Direct account you do not have to wait to receive your account information before initiating the Integrated Direct conversation with Frank Kisner.

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