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Illinois Regional HIEs Connected to the ILHIE 


Central Illinois HIE (CIHIE) 

Central Illinois Health Information Exchange (CIHIE) is a community-based, independent, nonprofit organization, established in December 2010 to make health information more readily accessible to any physician, hospital, clinic and other healthcare providers. This local network will ultimately be able to connect with other regional and national exchanges, supporting extensive information portability for patients. Please feel free to contact the CIHIE team at 1-800-691-6597.

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Contact: Joy Duling
Phone: 309-202-1599 (direct) / 800-691-6597 (general number)
Website: and 


Southern Illinois HIE (SIHIE)

Southern Illinois Healthcare is a non-profit health care system, dedicated to promoting the health and well being of all the people in the communities they serve. The Southern Illinois Health Information Exchange (SIHIE) is the mobiliization of healthcare information electronically across organizations within our region, community and hospital system. The goal of the SIHIE is to give health providers secure access to the most up to date patient health information so patient care and treatment decisions are safer, more accurate, and more timely. Participating caregivers in the SIHIE can improve the coordination of care for a person who is seeing multiple providers by enabling providers to share important health information. The exchange technology gives providers the ability to view certain patient health information at the tip of their fingers in a matter that still ensures the patient's confidentiality and privacy.

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Contact: Ivan Sergeev
Phone: 618-351-1900, ext. 67481