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New 2012 Attestation Deadline - 4/30/13 


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has granted Illinois a onetime extension for eligible professionals attesting to program year 2012.

New guides have been established to aid providers in completing the attestation:

The application is available for EP providers to attest for Program Year (PY) 2012 only. If you want to submit a PY 2012 attestation and have not done so, or if you need to resubmit a PY 2012 attestation, you must successfully complete the online attestation application by April 30, 2013. On and after May 1, 2013 PY 2012 applications will not be accepted. 

The attestation application for PY 2013 will be available during the 2nd quarter of this calendar year.

Please direct questions and concerns to the EHR Payment Incentive Program support email, It is helpful to submit your questions and concerns in writing so that they can document and effectively triage your questions. HFS has revamped the EHR Payment Incentive Program support email response process to expedite and triage your questions and concerns in a timely manner to your email.
For additional information regarding the EHR Incentive Program, please review the links below: