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ILHIE Archives 

Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) [February 12, 2010 - February 7, 2014]

The Illinois Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT) was created by Executive Order 2010-1, signed by Governor Pat Quinn on February 12, 2010. OHIT works to promote the development of health information technology, increase the adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records, assure the privacy and security of electronic health information, and direct the State's Health Information Exchange (HIE) implementation efforts.

ILHIE Strategic and Operational Plan (Approved Dec. 2010)

Behavioral Health Integration Project (BHIP)

The goal of the Behavioral Health Integration Project (BHIP) was to promote the exchange of health information among behavioral health and medical care providers to achieve better care. Grant activities helped licensed substance abuse and mental health practitioners to better coordinate patient care with their clients’ primary care providers through secure electronic health information exchange. Ensuring appropriate access to relevant patient information, such as current medications and medication history, holds great promise for improving the overall health of patients.

BHIP Homepage

Completed Work Groups

  • Finance and Sustainability Work Group
  • Governance Work Group

    Statewide HIE Collaboration Work Group

    Clinical Quality Integration Work Group