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ILHIE Authority Contact Information 

Illinois Health Information Exchange Authority
JRTC 100 W. Randolph, Suite 4-750
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Telephone: 312-814-1255

Raul Recarey
Executive Director
Office: 312-814-3534
Cell: 312-448-3154

Diego Estrella
Implementation Director
Office 312-814-1536

Ivan Handler
Chief Information Officer
Office: 312-814-1255

Krysta Heaney
Policy, Privacy & Compliance Manager
Office: 312-814-1856  

Frank Kisner
Director of Client Relationships
Office: 312-814-1254

Kelsie Landers
Engagement Manager
Office: 312-814-1866

Saroni Lasker
Engagement Manager
Office: 312-814-1877

Steve Linthicum
Chief Technology Officer
Mobile: 312-550-5835  

Kerri McBride
General Counsel
Office: 312-814-1266

Thomas Nowak
Chief Financial Officer
Office: 312-814-1589

Ola Oni-Fatoki
Onboarding Analyst
Office: 312-793-0057

Alice Richter
Private Secretary II
Office: 312-814-1255

Cory Verblen
Communications Manager
Office: 312-793-0430