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ILHIE On-Boarding 


Below is a brief outline of the ILHIE on-boarding process. Those organizations seeking to incorporate robust HIE services into their workflow in 2013 can contact Frank Kisner at or 312-814-1254.

For more detailed on-boarding information check out the ILHIE On-Boarding Handbook, and archived webinars on Connecting to the ILHIE and the Core Services of the ILHIE.

1. Organizational Readiness

Assessment of Requirements and Capabilities

  • Internet connection
  • Certified Electronic Health Records system
  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Dedicated Technical Lead
  • Ability to enter into a data sharing agreement
  • Familiarity with HIT standards, e.g. IHE profiles, LOINC, HL7

2. Exploratory Meeting

Collaborative Discussion

Joint assessment of Provider organization's service needs

  • What is your organization trying to accomplish?
  • Match needs to ILHIE service offerings

Meeting actions

  • Select Test team members
  • Draft Project Scope
  • Distribute Data Use Agreement and Readiness Survey
  • Schedule test partner planning meeting

3. Planning Meeting

Develop Project Plan

Convene Team

  • ILHIE technical staff
  • Partner Provider/ Facility
  • ISC resources
  • EHR vendor representative
Review data use agreement and readiness survey

Immediate Tasks

  • Define roles, responsibilities, and resources
  • Prepare business and project plan schedule

4. Project Implementation

Approve and Execute Project Plan

Planning Considerations

  • Use Case decision
  • Timelines depend on partner environmental factors
  • Existence and size of MPI
  • Complexity of EHR integration
  • Number of EHRs to be integrated

System Testing