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Illinois Patient Consent Work Groups 

The ILHIE Authority has invited interested health care stakeholders to participate in any of the following three Work Groups that will provide recommendations that will ultimately be proposed to the ILHIE Authority on the management and implementation of ILHIE privacy, security and consent. Follow the links below for each of the work group pages:

  • Patient Choice and Meaningful Disclosure Work Group: This Work Group will define the scope of patient opt-out consent and identify and recommend a set of appropriate rules, standards and data sharing provisions that shall apply to the ILHIE to meet the statutory requirements of HB1017.  This Work Group will define the scope and content of meaningful disclosure in Illinois, as well as  identify and recommend issues and topics that should be addressed by providers at the point of care and develop resources for use by providers. 
  • Patient Consent Preferences and Data Security Work Group: The workgroup will proceed by first defining the current capabilities of the ILHIE and how these capabilities interact with connected health care service provider sites.  The Work Group will work to demonstrate potential approaches to protecting patient data privacy based on prototypes recently developed in Illinois and at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

  • Breach Response Protocol Work Group: This Work Group will consider, provide feedback and recommend amendments to the proposed ILHIE Authority’s breach response protocol work group.  The protocol standardizes breach investigation and mitigation obligations arising from the use of the ILHIE between the ILHIE Authority and all participants.  An approved breach response protocol will be incorporated into the ILHIE participant data sharing agreement.

If you're interested in participating in one of the work groups, please contact Krysta Heaney at or (312) 814-9709.  


Patient Consent Overview and Resources

The Illinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE) Authority is developing the privacy, security and consent policies that will govern the exchange of patient data, utilizing health information exchange in Illinois. These policies include those that the ILHIE Authority is required to consider pursuant to an amendment to Illinois’ Mental Health Confidentiality Act enacted by the Illinois General Assembly on May 28th. The goal of this effort is to enable health care providers to electronically exchange patient health information in a secure environment that protects patient privacy and confidentiality.