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Statewide HIE Collaboration Work Group Meeting Minutes - January 27 2011 

January 27, 2011


In-person and phone Attendees:

  • Dave Holland, Southern Illinois Information Exchange (HIESI)
  • Terri Jacobsen, The Exchange (MC-HIE)
  • Mary Anne Kelly, MC-HIE
  • Steve Lawrence, Illinois Health Exchange Partners (IHEP)
  • Kathy Lively, HIESI
  • John Lynch, MC-HIE
  • Bill Odman, HIESI
  • Morris Rang, Blessing Health System
  • Mary Catherine Ring, Illinois Critical Health Information Exchange (ICAHN)
  • Crystal VanDeventer, Lincoln Land Health Information Exchange (LLHIE )
  • Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT):
  • Patricia Cunningham
  • Mark Chudzinksi
  • David Fagus
  • Mary McGinnis

Patricia Cunningham opened the meeting (conference call) at 10 a.m., hosted by OHIT.

Roll Call

Participants on the call introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the November 1, 2010, meeting were reviewed and approved.

Review Work Group Name, Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

Patricia Cunningham requested consensus on the name change – Statewide HIE Alliance Work Group. Unanimous agreement reached on name change.

The group reviewed the purpose, goal and objectives and adopted them for the work group.

Purpose: To align Illinois health information exchange providers and provide a forum for collaboration and coordination

Goal: Ensure robust, meaningful, statewide health information exchange is available to all patients, providers, and other stakeholders


  • Use Case collaboration
  • HIE services collaboration
  • Defining standards for ILHIE participation
  • Information Sharing
  • NHIN information coordination
  • Coordination of funding opportunities
  • REC coordination
  • Local HIE progress reporting
  • ILHIE progress reporting

Local HIE Updates

Southern Illinois (HIESI)Dave Holland reported that HIESI has been very active in RFP development, and vendor selection. An education plan for rural areas is in development. They are also working with the RECs for physician education. The timeline for implementing services is dependent upon funding. A pilot is scheduled for this year. More information will be available within two weeks.

Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN)Mary Ring reported that ICAHN is in the general planning stages of testing software, with some phases completed within the next couple of months. The timeline for implementing services is second quarter 2011. John Lynch asked if the implementation was specific to Critical Access Hospitals. Mary Ring stated that the implementation is not specific to Critical Access hospitals, but, they are a target.

Illinois Health Exchange Partners (IHEP)Steve Lawrence reported that a law firm has been acquired to provide HIE education

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting date is to be determined, however Terri Jacobsen recommended that we have a standing agenda as follows

Proposed Agenda

  1. Local HIE Updates
  2. Lessons Learned
  3. REC Activities
  4. OHIT Update

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.