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  •  ILHIE Services

    The ILHIE currently offers four services for the secure exchange of patient health information: 1. ILHIE Connect – A secure, electronic, patient health record request and retrieval service; 2. ILHIE Direct – A web-based, secure messaging solution; 3. Integrated Direct – An EHR-integrated, secure messaging solution; and 4. Public Health Reporting - A streamlined, secure connection to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) for Eligible Professionals and Hospitals to submit public health data. Click on the image or the headline above to learn more.
  •  "Health IT For You"

    Health Information Technology, or Health IT for short, is upgrading our healthcare system for the 21st Century. Today's technology is converting the information in our paper records into an electronic format which allows you and your doctors to have access to your health information when and where it's needed. View this video and learn more about the benefits of health IT and how online, secure access to your health records can help ensure that you and your families get the best possible care.
  •  ILHIE Connect

    In a time of care teams, medical homes and patients seeing many providers, ILHIE Connect simplifies care management by filling in communication gaps in the continuum of care by keeping all members connected. ILHIE Connect is a secure, aggregated, request and retrieval transport network. It allows providers to request and receive secure up-to-date patient health information aggregated from multiple provider sources and can include patient diagnosis, medications, allergies, discharge summaries and more. Click on the image or the headline above for more information.
  •  ILHIE Streamlined Public Health Reporting

    The ILHIE Public Health Reporting service for Eligible Hospitals and Professionals will minimize the need for staff to manually enter and submit paper reports, streamlining public health reporting and greatly reducing the hospital and health professional’s reporting burden. To learn more about available options and to establish a secure connection contact and/or click the image or the headline above to visit the ILHIE Public Health Reporting services page.
  •  ILHIE Health IT Consumer Education Toolkit

    The Consumer Education Toolkit is here! With healthcare now entering the electronic age, inefficient, paper medical records are being replaced with electronic health records (EHRs), and health information exchanges (HIEs) promise a future where patients receive improved care and are empowered to be more proactive in their health. The ILHIE Health IT Consumer Education Toolkit is an educational resource for both patients and healthcare providers to learn more about health IT and its many benefits. Click the image or the headline above to access the Toolkit, and please help spread the word by sharing with family and friends.

Health Information Technology
is improving health care in Illinois and across the country. Today, most health care providers write medical information on paper charts which are not easily accessible and are difficult to share with other care providers. Health information technology, sometimes called health IT or e-health, allows the use of computer networks to store, manage and exchange health records.

The Illinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE), a statewide, secure electronic network for sharing clinical and administrative data among health care providers in Illinois. ILHIE allows health care providers and professionals to exchange electronic health information in a secure environment, which helps prevent duplicate tests and procedures, and ensure the accuracy of prescriptions and other medical orders.

Explore our website to learn more about e-health and the Illinois Health Information Exchange. To receive email updates with the latest news and information sign up for the ILHIE Listserv.

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Information for Patients and Consumers

If you would like to learn more about e-health, read newsletters, fact sheets, patient stories, and more; follow the links below or view the complete Patients and Consumers Page. For more information and resources visit the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) Website for Patients and Families

Information for Providers and Professionals

To view newsletters, news stories, webinars, fact sheets and other important information, including registration for Electronic Health Records Meaningful Use Incentive Payments; follow the links below or view the complete Providers and Professionals Page. For more information and resources visit the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) Website for Providers and Professionals.