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ILHIE Direct Pre-Registration 

Click here for the ILHIE Direct Pricing Page

There are three price tiers based on the number of mailboxes purchased. At the end of this webform you'll be asked to select an agreement type and number of mailboxes for your organization.
To Pre-Register for your ILHIE Direct Secure Messaging account, please complete the webform and click 'Submit.' You will receive an email, usually within one business day, with information needed to complete your registration and identity authentication. If you are registering as:
  • An Individual Provider - Use your individual NPI number.
  • An Authorized Representative from an Organization - Identify the authorized representative in the name fields; Use the organization's NPI number.
  • An Organization Without An NPI Number (e.g. Government Agency) - Fill in 10 zeros in the NPI field; ILHIE will contact you if further information is required to verify your eligibility.

Do you need to look up your NPI number? Visit the NPI Registry

If you receive an error message when submitting this webform, please click here to email us the required information.

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Practice Setting (Choose the Setting That Best Applies)
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Select your agreement type