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ILHIE Public Health Subcommittee - Meeting Minutes February 2 2011 

February 2, 2011

In-person and phone Attendees:
  • Julie Campbell, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  • Jessica Ledesma, Department of Public Health
  • Maria Pekar, Loyola University Health System
  • Chris Schafer, Ungaretti & Harris

Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT)

  • April Schweitzer
  • Mark Chudzinski

Meeting Minutes

Maria, as co-chair of the Work Group, welcomed people to the call at 10:40 a.m. The OHIT office at the State of Illinois J.R. Thompson Center in Downtown Chicago, was closed due to weather, thus all members used the telephone conference call line to attend the meeting.

Roll was taken, and the group decided that due to the weather and because there was not a quorum, the meeting would need to be postponed and the approval of minutes defer="defer"red.

The group decided to consult the interns to discuss next steps with them prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Chris Schafer agreed to choose a number of statutes to review after consulting the statutory grid.

There was no public comment offered in response to Maria's invitation for public comment.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2011.

The meeting adjourned at 11:47 a.m.