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ILHIE Public Health Subcommittee - Meeting Minutes February 16 2011 

February 16, 2011

In-person and phone Attendees:
  • Rukhaya Alikhan, Department of Public Health (DPH)
  • Elizabeth Campbell, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)
  • Julia Campbell, RIC
  • Rob Connor, Department of Human Services
  • Carla Gazes, University of Chicago Medical Center
  • Jessica Ledesma, DPH
  • Cheryl Miller, Lebow, Malecki, & Tasch
  • Elizabeth Paton, DPH
  • Maria Pekar, Loyola University Health System
  • Tiefu Shen, DPH
  • Christopher Schafer, Ungaretti & Harris

Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT)

  • Mark Chudzinski
  • Joe Duffy
  • Vaughn Ganiyu
  • April Schweitzer

Meeting Minutes

Maria, as co-chair of the Work Group, welcomed people to the call at 10:32 a.m., hosted by OHIT at the State of Illinois J.R. Thompson Center in Downtown Chicago, with a telephone conference call-in number. It was noted that notice of the meeting and the agenda were posted on the OHIT Web site and at the Chicago meeting location no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Roll was taken, and the ability of those attending by telephone to hear and participate was confirmed. Minutes from the January 19, 2011, Work Group meeting, as well as the minutes from the February 2, 2011, meeting were distributed prior to the meeting. Both sets of minutes were approved, without objection by the Work Group members.

The group began by discussing the different categories of information necessary to divide the statutes into, in order to accurately aggregate the statutory data Work Group members are adding to the statute analysis worksheet. The group ultimately decided on the following categories:

  • Abuse
  • Genetic Information
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Reproductive Health
  • Other

The group also discussed grouping specific statutes in the worksheet together such as, the following, and deleting repetition:

  • Illinois Health and Hazardous Substances Registry Act, the Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Newborn Case Report and the Cancer Diagnoses
  • Illinois Adverse Health Care Reporting Act of 2005 is listed twice

The group also decided to add missing statutes dealing with abortions, and that abuse would be considered as part of public health in the statute worksheet.

April will make the relevant updates to the statutory worksheet that pertain to adding statutes and grouping statutes together, while Maria will add drop down menus, with standard answers to promote uniformity within the worksheet.

The group then discussed whether all of the statutes that need to be reviewed are currently included in the worksheet. Tiefu agreed to send around a resource book that might be helpful in cross-checking statutes. April will perform a key-word search in the HIPAA pre-emption analysis document, to further cross-check for additional relevant statutes.

Group members then volunteered to review the following statutes:

  • Hospital Report Card Act - Rukhaya Alikhan
  • Hospital Licensing Act - Rukhaya Alikhan
  • Nursing Home Care Act - Rukhaya Alikhan
  • Long Term Care for Under 22 Facilities Code - Rukhaya Alikhan
  • Intermediate Care for the Developmentally Disabled Facilities Code - Rukhaya Alikhan
  • Abuse of Adults with Disabilities - Carla Gazes
  • Sheltered Care Act - Carla Gazes
  • Illinois Physical Therapy Act - Julia Campbell
  • Medical Studies Act - Chris Schafer
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Reporting Act - Elizabeth Campbell
  • Illinois Regenerative Medicine Institute Code - Chris Schafer
  • Genetic Counselor Licensing Act - Vaughn Ganiyu
  • Illinois Adverse Health Care Events Reporting Law of 2005 - Jessica Ledesma
  • Burn Injury Reporting Act - Vaughn Ganiyu
  • AIDS Confidentiality Act - Elizabeth Campbell
  • April Schweitzer will add additional HIV/AIDS related statutes from the HIE charter document

Group members were advised to wait until Monday to begin their statutory review, as a new version of the worksheet will be distributed at that time.

There were no comments offered in response to Maria's invitation for public comment.

The meeting adjourned at 11:27 a.m.