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ILHIE Public Health Subcommittee - Meeting Minutes April 6 2011 

April 6, 2011

In-person and phone Attendees:
  • Jason Boltz, Department of Public Health (DPH)
  • Rukhaya Alikhan, DPH
  • Rob Connor, Department of Human Services
  • Cheryl Miller, Lebow, Malecki & Tasch
  • Elizabeth Paton, DPH
  • Maria Pekar, Loyola University Health System
  • Tiefu Shen, DPH

Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT)

  • Mark Chudzinski
  • Naomi Chung
  • Vaughn Ganiyu
  • April Schweitzer

Meeting Minutes

Maria Pekar, as co-chair of the Work Group, welcomed participants to the call at 10:30 a.m., hosted by OHIT at the State of Illinois J.R. Thompson Center in Downtown Chicago, with a telephone conference call-in number. It was confirmed that notice of the meeting and the agenda were posted on the OHIT Web site and at the Chicago meeting location no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Roll was taken, and the ability of those attending by telephone to hear and participate was confirmed. Minutes from the March 16, 2011, Work Group meeting were distributed prior to the meeting and were subsequently approved without objection.

Maria welcomed Naomi Chung to the group.

Mark Chudzinski provided the following updates:
  • The first meeting of the HIE authority will be held on April 27, 2011, in Chicago.
  • Ivan Handler has been hired as the new Chief Technology Officer at OHIT and is currently working on the architecture, and implementation of the HIE. OHIT will be issuing an RFP for implementation.
  • Local HIE implementation is accelerating at a good pace across the state.
  • HB1338, the Immunization Data Registry Act passed the Illinois House without any of our proposed amendments.
  • SB 1234, Mental Health Medication Records, has been read for the fourth time in the Illinois Senate.
  • Legislation has been introduced in North Carolina to make their HIE an opt-out model.
  • Legislation has been introduced in Nevada to make their HIE an opt-in model, with the exception of state Medicaid, and some children's programs.

The group discussed concerns regarding HB 1338, and provider participation. The current version of the bill places a burden, and a risk, on providers. In order to meet certain meaningful use requirements, providers can either participate in an immunization registry, or fulfill one of two other options. Since the participation in the registry is voluntary in nature, there is little incentive for providers to participate in the immunization registry, given the added burden.

The Behavioral Health Work Group developed a memo regarding various aspects of SB 1234, which may be useful to circulate. Currently, the legislation only addresses pharmaceutical records, which likely means that future amendments will be required in order to allow for sharing of records using the HIE.

Group members then turned their attention to the statutory grid. The group decided to add the Pregnancy Termination Reporting Code that sets forth the definition of "aggregate data" and "public use." Additionally, a column will be added to the grid to track which regulations are exempt from FOIA.

If there are other statutes, and/or regulations, that need to be added please let the group know so we can make sure they are included on the master grid.

The group then discussed a timeline for moving forward with developing deliverables. The group decided to determine a day in June or July when members could come together for a face to face extended workshop to discuss recommendations.

Prior to the meeting, three documents from the Consent Work Group were circulated. These documents included a notice of privacy practices insert, an authorization of use and disclosure of personal health information for research, and a consent form for use and disclosure of certain types of personal health information. Members agreed that all three documents were useful and should be considered in the group's recommendations subject to further clarification regarding the use of the HIE, specifically regarding whether or not the HIE will house or store any data.

Lastly, the group discussed the rough draft model provisions that were compiled as a result of the proposed edits to HB 1338. The recommendations about "aggregate data" will be added to this document.

There were no comments offered in response to Maria's invitation for public comment.

The meeting adjourned at 11:18 a.m.