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ILHIE Medicaid Work Group Meeting Minutes - May 31 2011 

May 31, 2011

In-person and phone Attendees:

  • Ann Bobb, Children's Memorial Hospital
  • Julie Bonello, Access Community Health Network
  • Pat Borrowdale, Pediatric Health Associates
  • Kelly Carter, Illinois Primary Health Care Association
  • Connie Christen, Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS)
  • Ivan Handler, Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT)
  • Krysta Heaney, OHIT
  • Roger Holloway, Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (IL-HITREC)
  • Peter Ingram, Sinai Health System
  • Vince Keenan, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians
  • Mike Koetting, HFS
  • Stanley Krok, Children's Memorial Hospital
  • John Lekich, HFS
  • Mary McGinnis, OHIT
  • Elizabeth McKnight, Chicago Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (CHITREC)
  • Susan Melczer, Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council
  • Renee Perry, HFS
  • Gwen Smith, HFS
  • Theresa Walunas, CHITREC

Review of Minutes

After roll call was taken, the work group approved the meeting minutes from the April 4, 2011, and April 18, 2011, meetings.

State Medicaid Health Information Technology (SMHP) Plan Update

Renee Perry informed the group that the SMHP has not been approved yet by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To date, 15 states have launched their programs. Eight of the 15 have made payments and seven are simply registering providers at this time. A discussion ensued regarding when the EHR incentive payments will be paid to providers in Illinois. HFS hopes to make payments by the end of 2011.

Peter Ingram commented that it is important that hospitals receive their first payment by September 30, 2011, because that would determine the timing of when the hospitals can file for their second payment. Renee will ask for clarification about this timing issue and will share her findings with the work group.

When the SMHP is returned from CMS, HFS will submit the funding document for the program with the Implementation Advance Planning Document (IAPD) to federal CMS. Implementation of the EHR incentive program cannot be initiated until the IAPD is approved. Renee is not waiting for any additional information for the IAPD and expects to have it completed soon.

Peter Ingram asked what steps need to be accomplished in order to implement the program such as Web site development, training materials, etc. Renee cited several steps, including the need to document business rules for exchange of information, build an application that will calculate the patient volume for EPs, train internal staff, system testing and finalize the prepayment audit strategy. Business rules for transactions will also need to be written. Peter inquired about how long it will take for implementation once the SMHP and the IAPD are approved by CMS. Renee replied that the process will take several months. Peter asked Renee if she can give a launch date at the next meeting, because hospitals have a lot of internal work to accomplish. HFS staff is drafting a provider notice for distribution that will outline the revised implementation dates.

Provider Outreach

Renee Perry reported that when the SMHP is approved, HFS will add more information to the HFS EHR Web site. Providers should go the federal CMS Web site to review the rule and requirements. Renee asked the group what would be helpful to include on the Web site. Julie Bonello suggested a visual be included such as a Gantt chart. Peter said that it would help if HFS could list the steps to take for provider payment implementation. Susan Melczer suggested that a few paragraphs be written that group members can use in their provider newsletters.

Meaningful Use Update

Renee Perry indicated that HFS has been reviewing the Meaningful Use measures and the criteria that EPs need to provide to attest. HFS is also reviewing the prepayment side to determine if auditing can be done now. Audit strategies are being developed.

Meeting adjourned. The next scheduled meeting is on June 13, 2011.